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The Circling of Women

When women get together to support each other it changes the world.

When women get together to inspire each other it changes the world.

When women get together to bless each other it changes the world.

When women get together to sing, laugh and pray… it changes the world.

When women get together to learn from one another it changes the world.

When women get together to freely nurture each others’ truths it changes the world.

When women get together for healing and transformation it changes the world.

Women in circle, hand in hand, forms the first ripple of change.

Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, neighbors

Women in every shifting role.

Healers, artists,  believers, teachers

Reclaiming the beauty in Soul.


        I hope that all of you out there have a group that you can find support and inspiration in. If you do not, create one! Ask the Infinite Spirit, the Great Universe to surround you with strong people you aspire to be in some aspect. Embrace all ages and all roles. We have unique paths as women. We have unique paths as men. Although I circle with both, I understand that I need a separate sacred space throughout the year with those who share my unique path in all of the female roles. I would love to see more men’s groups form to support their sacred paths, too!

As we celebrate the cycles of being a woman with each other, it aligns us to Nature Herself!

“The purpose of life as a woman is to ascend to the throne and rule with the heart.”

                        -Marianne Williamson, author of A Woman’s Worth

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Welcome Brighid!

Tulie and I got together with our witch friends JJ and Tara over the weekend to do an Imbolc ritual. We drove to Tulie’s house out in the country and we immediately noticed the sleet blowing in wildly from the barren fields as we emerged from the car. That’s the great thing about living among the corn and bean fields: the Untamed Wind who doesn’t give a frack about your sensitivities. You mean you have to shovel the four foot snowdrift along your fence line? Too bad. All your ritual candles keep going out? Ha ha. Although the wind can seem like a pain in the ass at times, it excites me. Maybe I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to the weather, but its so refreshing to experience the Elementals without the filter of mankind.

Anyway, we had a great ritual. Here’s a website to an abundant source on Brighid: http://druidry.org/obod/festivals/imbolc/

As she is a Celtic White Goddess we offered her white foods. We praised her three aspects: Craft, Healing and Inspiration/Divination. We drummed, we chanted…

White Maiden Fair and Bright

Winter fades with your Light

Bringer of Health

Bringer of Sight

Welcome Lady Welcome Light!

~by Cicada

We made candles and we made Brighid’s Crosses. We also tried a new divination method that involves her elemental aspects of Water and Fire: We took our newly made candles made in babyfood jars and placed it in the water of a larger glass so that the water line almost reached the top of the candle jar, but not quite. This way the fire of the candle can be seen glowing through the water. We  asked our question while dripping red food dye in the water (1 or 2 drops does better than more). Then we scryed into the water as the dye swirled into different shapes. I think I will do this method more often, it worked really well.

Then a funny thing happened as we left Tulie’s house… Although it was almost evening, it had warmed up outside enough to melt some snow. It was no longer sleeting and the ice had disappeared of the roads. Welcome Lady! Welcome Light!





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Candle Making Fun

So Old Man Winter has decided to stay a bit longer and it was the perfect day to get all cozy and make candles with my five year old daughter. I have been saving up my old candles that can no longer be used just for a day like today.

She helped me crush up the leftover candle wax using the back of a hammer and then collected the colors she wanted into an old metal cup. I then melted the wax in a a hot water bath (I put wax chunks in a metal cup and then placed the cup in a pot of shallow boiling water on the stove). I let my daughter pick out different essential oils to add into the melted wax while I was on fire duty. I cut wicks to size and tied one end to a stick and let the other end dangle into a container for my candles. I used jars, big aluminum muffin cups, glass bowls and even a cornmeal container for a large candle.

We then poured the melted wax into the chosen container and let them sit all day to harden. Afterward, we slid out the sticks from the wick and had a bunch of recycled candles ready for us to use all year! This was a great Imbolc project for us. We lit some candles and had hot chocolate mint ice cream floats.

This candle was made using a cornmeal container. Layers of purple and black.

I added chunks of yellow wax to the top for a fun effect.

Then to top it off, we made an ice candle:

We did this by filling the bottom half of a plastic half gallon container with water. Then we placed a jar in the water and positioned it so that it could be lifted up easily once the water froze… we used scotch tape to stabilize the jar to float in the water. We placed it outside and let the water freeze and then gently loosened the plastic container and jar out of the ice. A tea light fits right inside. I can’t wait to see it glow at night.

Our house is now full of the scent of ylang ylang, patchouli and lavender. Our bellies our full of mint and chocolate. For anyone who knows how to read music… This time of year we like to sing a song I wrote a few years back (just click on it if it needs to be enlarged) :


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The Winter’s Snow

Here in the Midwest, we have had a very mild winter. So mild that dandelions are growing in my yard. Wild catnip springs up within my outside faerie shrine and the trees are beginning to bud.

However, a few days ago it finally snowed. It is not going to last. Already the sun is beginning to penetrate the ice and as far as I know this may be the last day there is snow on the ground. Knowing this, I stole a morning moment while the teapot was simmering on the stove and I went outside to collect some snow and ask for blessings from the White Goddess.

          Snow is purifying. Snow speaks to the subconscious mind when resting from the Sun. Although many here are loving the warm weather we have been having (me included), I hope that this short span of snow is going to be enough to let Nature truly get the rest she needs.


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Green Man Wild Man

Hunter of the Forest

Hunter of the Wood

Green Man!

Wild Man!

Hunter of the Hood

~Invocation Chant by Cicada

                    Last night I asked the Green Man to bless my new bedroom. Although our son is eighteen months old, my husband and I have waited this long to have him share a room with his sister. We traded our daughter rooms and although our bedroom is now smaller, it is amazing to have our room back. No more reading by book light, no more hushed conversations… and the best surprise of all was finding that there was a perfect ritual space amid that room!

                  I offered the Wild Man juniper and desert sage smoke. I fed him cypress oil and wine. I asked for his untamed spirit to bless our bedroom. He also blessed me with wild, playful dreams that awoke me with a smile.

                 In the morning my daughter ran into my room with a blanket cloaked around her. She loudly declared she was the God of Nature and started chasing her little brother around. They tickled each other into a frenzy. Laughter has filled our morning and I am grateful.

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~ Keeper of the Fire ~ by Cicada

Keeper of the Fire
by Cicada

A woman to keep the fire
A jingle of bones clinking bones
She feeds the flames steady
All alone, all alone.

Her skin may be leathered
Her eyes without sight,
But she keeps the fire going
Through the night, through the night.

A whisper to the Spirits
A gathering of the wood
The woman chants softly
Understood, understood.

She listens to the fire
She gives it all she knows
The wisdom of a woman
Never goes, never goes.

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So you just finished a delicious omelet breakfast and its cleanup time.  Instead of tossing away those eggshells, why not put them to a good and magical use?  Eggshells are high in nutrients that are great for plants.  A plants soil can lose nutrients over time and will need to be replenished to prevent disease and to keep the plant looking healthy. Using eggshells can replace some of the valuable nutrients lost and its a safe and organic way to do so.

Witches for centuries have worked, studied, and used plants in their crafting.  We know that there needs to be respect for the plants that we use and a relationship between witch and plant is vital for the greatest outcome. An offering is a great way to establish a connection to the plant you are working with and eggshells are a perfect gift.

So whether you are giving the offering to a plant, a tree, your garden or even the grass there is a couple of ways you can gift the eggshells.  First you can sprinkle the powdered eggshells at the base of the plant in the soil.  You can also create a liquid to give to the plants.  To make the liquid offering, place 1 cup of crushed and powdered eggshells into a gallon jug of water.  Leave the jug at room temperature for two weeks to create a mildly smelly concoction that the plants will love.  Powdering eggshells can be a powerful ritual in itself.  Start by rinsing the eggshells in warm water and letting them air dry overnight.  Then the next day when they have dried and become brittle you can use a mortar and pestle to crush and grind the shells.  Store in a jar with a lid so that the smell doesnt escape.  The smell isnt horrible but there is definitely an eggy smell when you open the lid.  Store the eggshells in your witches cabinet…or just a regular one works too:)


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Awakening the Witch


New Years Day. 2012: The Year of Awakening.

Although I stayed up well into the night with Tulie and our families last night, I felt compelled to get up at dawn and start our blog. When the fire sparks within I follow the flow. Its warmth is magnetic and I must pay homage to this flame.

Dawn has always been a sacred time for me. With the waxing light I find innocent hope with the stillness of the new day. I truly take in the renewed breath of the sunlight and let it feed my hungry soul. As a witch I am a Priestess to the Spontaneous and I work with the present moment. Very rarely are there scripts to follow in my rituals. Very rarely do I come out of trance remembering the words I had just sung. However what I do bring back with me from the lands of mists is a sense of accomplishment, renewed energy and a deep peace that the magic sent out made a connection.

This blog will act like a home to Tulie and I. Together we are Soul Sisters. She has been my best friend since the age of ten and our journey together is constantly unfolding new adventures in magic.

We have been practicing witchcraft since the age of eleven among the deep woods and cornfields of our area. We have been teachers for each other and have grown with the gods in leaps and bounds as inspiration to each other. We welcome you to join us now and read about our newest ideas, rituals, art and adventures. 2012 is a year for us to break down the boundaries of fear and open ourselves to the Infinite. We want to focus more on world community this year, too. We have primarily worked in building a sense of community to the spirit realms in the past so this will be a welcomed growth for us.

Like many of you out there we also start this New Year with hope. Although the world may be changing, may we all change with it that is in accordance with better understanding of the earth’s needs and a contribution of peace to all of earth’s inhabitants. Thank you to all of you who have done so much work already! 2012 will be an awakening to us all. I light a candle and pray for those who have been sleeping the deepest.

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