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A mystic has essential needs that need to be met from time to time in order to feed our souls . Off the top of my head they are:

Nature~opportunities to be immersed in the presence of the wild earth.

Connection~ opportunities to commune with the spirit worlds.

Alone Time- opportunities for a hermatage, a retreat into one’s own being.

Freedom- opportunities to break free from social constraints. Dance, sing, yell, chant… do whatever you need to do to stretch your boundaries to de-stress and open yourself.

Last night Tulie and I experienced all of these things. We offered tobacco to the spirits of the land, to the White Goddess, to the ancestors of all the witches that have flew before us. We set up ritual space with the intention of freeing ourselves from our daily stresses and to be present in the mystical moments. I wish I could tell you all that happened, but only clippets of time is remembered  amidst my trance: Astral wings, running wildly under the sliver of Artemis moon, singing softly, collapsing under trees with streaks of lightning scars upon their trunks, visits from Old Mother, healing from the spirits, seeing Tulie pace the yard in her barefeet, retreating back inside only to find ourselves in a continuous trance state, laying in awe on the couches as the candles flicker. I am so grateful for last night. Like a dream, parts of me came out uninhibited while I was safe to be as I please among the cornfields and tall grasses. Our ritual started together and ended together, but the icing in between was really tasted in the middle when we were alone in our acts of magic.  May you all find the opportunity to stretch your wings. Fly onward to feed your mystic soul.



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Gravel road under my feet.

Dust from the rocks sticking to my sweaty skin.

Hopping barbed wire fences.

Walking the fields.

All of this was me.

Sneaking out to see the stars.

Heat lightning in the wide open sky.

Forging paths in the wild thorns.

Sleeping under trees. They are countless in the horizon.

My home is the woods and I have been cut from my homeland.

Tonight I smudge with mullein. It’s plant spirit is known to heal the earth where mankind has desecrated it.

The earth is my body and I want it to feel wild again.

The earth is my body and I reclaim my ancient soil.

Although I can no longer return to that exact land that nourished me so long ago, it’s spirit is in my heart.

I am there astrally, mentally, spiritually, energetically.

How often I have felt it’s drum-beat calling me back. . .

How often I have cried at loosing the freedom of that wonderously haunted place.

But I know I must welcome the spirits of the land wherever I am.

This is why I need once more to live deep in the green.

Like a mermaid without water, I have been suffocating for six years without my beloved woods to call my own.

A place where I can run skyclad in the grass.

A place where I can sing and dance.


for now,

I heal my earth which has hardened from man-made stone.

And I proclaim this moment as my own.

I call back the wild.

I call back the wild.

I call to the free spirit that’s deep in my bones.


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Family Ostara

How do you get your kids involved with the pagan holidays? Meet them at their age level.

For my five year old, this Ostara was about coloring a picture of the Maiden and making up a chant for Spring. This was fun for her because she is really into rhyming and she likes to point out the different signs of spring. Here’s what we made up:

Bud and Bird

Soil and Sun

Maiden Light

Spring Begun!

 We also dyed eggs and made wishes for this upcoming year. A great way to

dye eggs without buying one of those egg dying kits is to simply use food

coloring on the hard boiled eggs. If you want a design you can use a white

crayon to draw on the egg first.

For my one year old, my husband and I kept the ritual short and had

toddler safe elemental symbols (flute-air, bell-fire, shell-water, smooth rock- earth). We acted out the elements while calling them and we let him run in and out of the circle so he did not feel restricted at all. At the end we gave part of dyed egg to the outside altars.

Happy Ostara everyone! I hope that if you have received an early spring you are enjoying it.







Welcome Spring

Song Lyrics by Cicada


welcome daylight- welcome sunlight- welcome more light- we are renewed

  welcome spring- blossom green- chirp and sing- i welcome you

  oh persephone- come on back to me- says demeter- i welcome you

  welcome shower- open flower- growing power- we are renewed

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Misty March: My Full Moon

The night began with walking the perimeters of my property offering the Spirits of the Land tobacco and purifying our home’s energies with bells and salt. With an elderberry pipe (one of Tulie’s wonderful creations) in one hand and a new silver blessing bowl in the other, I welcomed my spirit allies in the night’s misty air.

When preparing for a night’s ritual, I grab any items that call to me at that particular moment. I have a few items that I routinely work with, but many others that stand out to me in particular rituals. I realize I do not need any tools. There have been many spontaneous rituals done without them, but like many of my fellow witches, I have loved collecting and enchanting items over the years. It may have gotten to be a bit of a problem though when last night I wanted to do a quick preparation in order to get on with the ritual but then I ended up spending about twenty minutes bringing out sea shells, fenugreek seeds, tobacco, salt, bowls, pentacles, candles, jasmine incense, mirrors, chalices (one for me, one for the Goddess), wine, water, antler, statue, magical blanket, white satin table cover, tarot cards, table, harp, bell… on and on! I remember when I was a budding eleven year old and I only had one secret candle and lighter in a locked box that I sneaked out in middle of the night to my Goddess statue. Those were powerful rituals. What happened to the simplicity of that?

Anyway, last night’s ritual was a wonderful opportunity for the Goddess to communicate with me. Sometimes it is mostly me being the vocal one giving praise and giving prayer, speaking my most inner desires, but last night I was more receptive. That, or She had a lot more to say to me than usual! Many themes were hit upon throughout including looking at one’s Shadow, feeling with the heart and tearing down emotional walls. So mote it be!

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Last night I stood in the darkness and silence of my country home. All others were nestled in their beds and I was alone, gazing out the window.  The outdoors were alight with a blue glow from the moon reflecting on the freshly fallen snow.  The blackened ash trees meditated in perfect stillness.  The constellation Orion stood amazingly on the horizon and I took time to connect with his energies.  Shining above, my old friend the moon, reminded me that we have an important date coming up.  When the moon is full we take a night walk together and go to the crossroads to discuss the mysteries and magic of the universe.

Standing there looking out my window, I was filled with this overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.  I realized in the business of life, I hadn’t stopped long enough or rested my brain long enough for Spirit to catch up with me.  Living in the moment is something so many of us forget to do.  Even if we just take one minute to be completely aware of our surrounding and ourselves, Spirit will join us in looking out our windows.


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Energetic Arts

Like mentioned before in my Astral Projection post, we are infinite beings whose energy is also infinite in size. It is what we are conscious of, however, that feels like a form. Most people are only aware of their physical shape. But what if we were to explore the energy shape that we take on in our lives? For example, when I do psychometry (psychic metal reading) I can feel the energy of another person and often the shapes that it tends to take on. I have  met people who have wings, tree branches from their crown chakras, telescope shapes from the third eye, unicorn horns, spikes, etc.

I understand that human evolution is not quite to the point of understanding the importance of taking personal responsibility for our own personal energy we project on to others, but we need to be close to this realization. We have all met people that are energy suckers. The sad thing is, is that most do not have a clue what they are doing! This being said, when my friend JJ came over last night at one point we decided to do an energetic exercise that I must share with everyone…

After talking about spirit work we somehow got on the subject of energy and I mentioned an energy building exercise that I learned a while ago (I want to say from the movie Celestine Prophesy, but not for sure if it is exactly like that one).

1. We faced each other and took turns giving energy to each other and being open to receiving energy. We motioned with our hands when we were giving so the other person knew it was their turn to receive. When giving, we tried to give as much energy as we were able give. Knowing that the energy was coming right back to you made this task easier. By the time we went through about fifteen minutes of this, there was way more energy than we both started with.

This second exercise Tulie and I made up and have done on multiple occasions. I am not an expert on energy, I just know what I know through study and experience, and I am not claiming that this is a safe game, so please proceed with this with love and positivity.

2. Energy Martial Arts… Practice throwing energy forms at each other. Have the receiver stand and close their eyes so they cannot see where you are aiming (until you become advanced it helps to physically use your hands to throw the energy with). JJ and I did energy arrows from energy bows. We did rushing water energy. We shoved huge earth energy staffs at each other. This was never done with the intent to hurt each other though, just for each other to feel the power in it. I may have went too far when I constructed an energy bonfire in front of me and formed it into a whip and whipped her face with it. Her cheeks were red and hot for quite a while and she asked for water immediately.  Sorry JJ! We practiced sending healing energy forms to each other. She sent me dog forms jumping playfully on me. Tulie and I have sent each other snakes, streams, wind, etc. Have fun, but send with love! Then you can move on to the receiver trying to shield while the other one tries to penetrate through it. Be visual and imaginative. Shields can be anything from a tall hedge to a giant flower closing you in.     This is a great exercise to strengthen almost every aspect one uses in magic.

After she left I happened to look at the clock and notice it had completely stopped. It is still stopped the next day. The battery did not show any signs of slowing like they usually do before they die. The clock’s time was around the time of the height of our energy games…. interesting.

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