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Heading out soon for my fourth Pagan Spirit Gathering! Every summer solstice Circle Sanctuary organizes this week-long gathering open to Pagans of many paths. Hundreds of people have been attending since 1980. I’m in store for sweat lodges (all done responsibly), workshops, bonfire dancing, daily community rituals, pagan concerts, camping, morning yoga sessions, mead tasting, drumming and a humungous, ginormous candlelit labyrinth! My kids love the children activities and playing with others. As a family we attend live concerts every night. I can’t wait to drift of to sleep to the sound of drumming in the far background. I’m hoping to meet new people, too!

Every year there is a magickal gift exchange. This is a great activity for any group of people, no matter your size. Everyone brings a magickal item they do not want anymore and wraps it simply so that it does not show what the item is. Then, after placing the item within a circle, everyone goes around a few times to set the intention of getting what you need and then choose one and sees what they get! This is the second year that I’ve crafted my own gifts to give, one for me and one for my husband. I just got done making the black, maroon, blue and purple cord-wrapped wand. There is a bumpy reed within it and golden coral sticking out the top. The jingle-rattle is made with some of the pine wood I had to recently trim off of our tree to make room for a fence. I’m also going to be placing a small bag of healing land spirit food to be scattered or burned (mullein, tobacco and orange native wildflower).

The Yard

This Sunday, after working for three days, my husband and I finished putting up our fence!!! This deserves all those exclamation points because no more chasing around my toddler to keep him out of the street, no more stopped cars to google over me while I do yoga or cast circle and no more worrying about stray dogs biting my five year old. The six-foot tall fence is going to allow us to do anything we want. Sunbathe naked? Go ahead! Make love under the stars? OF COURSE! Summon spirits by a bonfire? Yes! (Okay, well this may not be new, but at least I can do it with style now). I already have a faerie shrine under a tree and an outdoor temple, but as soon as I get back from camp I’m going to be adding a walkable labyrinth and more herbs (already have lady’s mantle, thyme, lavender, lemon grass, catnip, garlic  and lemon balm growing).


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Request for Flight

Cascading like a billion stars

for all the world to see,

Her hair of silver moonlight,

She whispers down to me.

Grandmother of the Moon,

I welcome your embrace.

Send for me and I will

place kisses upon thy face.

The crickets chirp so fondly,

the toads moan night so deep,

Come for me great grandma,

Lift me up before I  sleep.


German- der Mond
Danish- mane
Portuguese- a lua
Gealach- luan
Russian- luna
Turkish- Ay
Eskimo- Tatkret
Serbo-Croation- Mjesec
French- la lune
Japanese- ‘Otsukisama
Spanish- la luna
Persian- mah
Bahasa Indonesian- bulan
Romanian- luna
Greek- pronounced: se-lae-nae
Welsh- Ileuad
Polish- Ksiezyc
Hawaiian- Mahina
Swahili- Mwezi
Italian- la luna
Korean- tal
Egyptian- pooh
Sanskrit- Gaus
Pygmy Africa- Pe

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Last night’s ritual included:  

Writing love letters to the moon,

Offering of tobacco to the land,

Drumming, chanting and singing with friends,

deep relaxation and a guided meditation…

Before you there stands a tall tree. It beckons you to come, meet with it’s branches. You walk forward steadily. Feel the grass under the skin of your feet. Touch the bark of the tree’s trunk. Notice the breeze whispering through the leaves. What kind of tree is it?

This is the axis mundi: the connection between all three worlds. Up you climb. Take refuge in the branches. Your body is light. Go up and up. Climb until you can see the sky above. From here you notice a mountain in the distance. The mountain is impossibly tall but you feel yourself pulled there immediately. The climb is steep but it doesn’t bother you. You are on a mission to reach the top…

Up, up you climb. Up and up you move easily up the mountain. You reach the top and it is clouded by mist. Walk forward with faith, your gods will not let you fall.

Suddenly the mist begins to depart to reveal a moonlit sky. The moon seems larger up here on top of the world. The pale light makes your skin glow and it is then that you notice you are not alone.

She walks with the moonlight. It is like they have never been apart. You recognize her in dreams past. You know her as the Goddess.

She stands before you and gracefully lifts a mirror to your face. She tells you to gaze into it and see what role you play . Like her, you have many facets of truth. Which mythic archetype do you mostly adhere to?

She explains to you gently that this  role has influenced a big part of your life. You live up to this role and it is time that you reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of this side of yourself.

The Goddess lowers the mirror. You thank her for this gift of recognition. She then tells you to look ahead and notice the person on the path a ways down. You look ahead and see that it is actually you. This is you in the future she says. This future you represents the role you need to start or continue to incorporate into who you are. What is this role? Is it different from the role you saw in the mirror?  How is the future you feeling? How are you dressed? Make eye contact with yourself. What title would you give this role that you are to become or continue being?

The mist begins to crowd your senses once more. You depart from the mountain top and walk steadily down. Hold with you the memory of your experience. As you reach the bottom of the mountain notice the tree in the distance and picture yourself upon it’s branches. Down, down you descend. Down, down you climb until you reach the base where you feel the grass once more…

When we groggily awoke from our trances we made sigils of the title that we received from our future selves. Some of us did not a see a different role from the mirror and some of us did. Either way, we wrote the title down and took out any repeat letters…

For example, the title GREAT MOTHER would end up with the letters: GREATMOHR



Then we to took these letters and made a simple drawing that incorporated all of the letters together.

For example, a square with an x in it extended to the corners includes the letters: I X N T V Z  and L.

Sigil means “seal” and “talisman” and is used by many magic practitioners. We are placing ours on a charm as a reminder of our archetypes. I was taught two ways to use sigils: One, is to get rid of the sigil upon making it by either way of the four elements if it is a spell you are  desiring to manifest. This way the energy of intent is released properly within ritual space and the practitioner must try to forget the whole thing and what the sigil looked like so that no extra energy that may be tainted will follow the intent. Let the sigil do the magic for you.

Another way to use a sigil is as a symbol for something that you want to remember and have continuous energy from. Many make a sigil for their craft name and use it to sign BoS pages.

Archetype magic is activated anytime you watch a movie or read a book and you recognize a part of yourself in a mythic character role. There are many roles and many are called to multiple but it is wise to know which ones you feel closest to and that gets you revved up. Just to name a few: Hero, Princess, Nomad, Wise Man, Jester, and on and on. You may have even experienced yourself in this role in your dreams or in meditations. To live authentically from a role is to let the gods express that facet through you.

There are gods and goddesses that walk the earth…


bradleystuart.net: moon pic

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