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For my Full Moon tarot reading I felt the urge to use two decks at the same time. I took turns drawing a card for each deck at¬† each placement spot and the results were spectacular. In a ten card spread, the 8 of Pentacles from both decks popped up in the reading. A card could not appear twice in a reading using one deck, unless you replace the card every time…hey, maybe I will try that next.

While I am at it, I thought I would share the decks I currently use…

The Halloween Tarot is exactly what it sounds like… all the pictures look like they take place around Halloween time. The suits are: Ghosts (water/cups), Pumpkins (earth/pentacles), Imps (fire/wands) and Bats (air/swords). Each image is brightly colored in mostly blacks, oranges, greens and purples with playful scenes of trick or treating, haunted mansions and night-fright scenes. The book that comes with the cards does a good-enough job in translating the card meanings, but I mostly use the deck for the fun and spooky cards. This deck has responded very well to my energy and likes to be used for general readings.

The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck has one of the most spiritual and profound books that I have ever read. I found this book at a used book store a while back and it didn’t have the cards with it, but the book alone was insightful to read. The focus of the text is about opening and awakening your spiritual path and has a native american theme. I finally purchased the deck (originally made in 1990). The suits are: Stones (earth), Pipes (fire), Arrows (air) and Bowls (water). The images are hand-drawn in ink and look to be colored in with water color. I use this deck for readings that coincide to deep spirituality (so, most of the time I use this deck ūüôā )


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I have a dress like pictured above. It was pretty and flowy, but too big for me and it has been taking up space in my closet. Then, it occurred to me…¬†¬† cut a line in the middle from the neck all the way down to the skirt hem and BAM- it is now a ritual robe! If you purchase zig-zag fabric scissors at a fabric store to use then you don’t even need to sew up the fabric to prevent fraying.

I wore my “new” robe yesterday for a group Yule ritual at Tulie’s house. I safety pinned it tight in one area at my sternum and wrapped a blessing cord around it to hide the safety pinned area. It turned out sexy and beautiful. It also looks good left open, too.¬† So now I am going to search up the thrift stores for more of these dresses that have fun prints and are made out of t-shirt material. Thought I would pass along the brainstorm!

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mistletoe king

Father Winter has come upon us here in the Midwest United States. He has been screaming all night in the high winds. He has been flashing through the lightning-bolt-lit blizzard sky. Our first snow of the year, he has come triumphantly on his steed of snow and chariot of ice.

My husband became stranded in a snow drift in middle of the street for four hours last night. A plow truck tried to pull him out but failed. Another plow truck tried to rescue him and leave the car, but it became stuck. Finally someone was able to at least drive by and pick him up, but the highway to our small town was then closed so he spent the night at my sisters.

Once I knew he was safe I praised the gods! The candle I had lit for his safety during those hours was blown out and I got out my god statue and painted him in white with mistletoe on his drum and evergreen on his clothing. I slipped into song and let the restless world pulse through me. A blizzard the night before Yule and the night before some say will be the end of our world, how fitting! I sang for the safety of everyone trying to get home in the snow. I prayed for peace and for the returning of light. The harp was pulled out and other songs were written while my altar glowed of candle light.

In the morning I awoke naturally at 4:30 and sang to Green Tara for compassion on this landmark day. Now the sun is coming up and I will sing with my children as it dawns.   Many Blessings World.


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Hathor, goddess of music, is the oldest Egyptian deity depicted in art… Sacred to Hathor and a symbol of her power, the systum was like a miniature temple where the goddess resided… In Egyptian mythology, Hathor is the heavenly cow who nurses the newly dead from her udder. Her pillar-like legs hold up the sky. Her belly is filled with stars. At dusk, the sun, as the hawk Horus, flies into her mouth. She is called Lady of the Stars, Lady of the Sycamore, Mistress of the Desert. She is a goddess of healing and of all things sensual: the touch of a lotus petal, the taste of a pomegranite, the sound of a harp, the scent of musk, the intoxication of red barley beer, the silky fluids of sex.¬†¬† ~Susan Elizabeth Hale in Sacred Space, Sacred Sound (wonderful book!)

Reading this description of Hathor, I felt like she was already in my life, weaving music sensually into my dreams and magic. And so, she must be honored. This is just my preliminary research on her so I can work a ritual for her properly later. You, the reader, gets to explore her mysteries with me!

Her form has cow ears in ancient art. Some also see the connection of the shape of her head and ears to that as the fallopian tubes and uterus. She is great mother and her temples served as centers of healing, birthing chambers, libraries and sacred bath rituals where incantations were spoke in trance-inducing ways.

She was a sexual goddess and was ritually united with her lover, Horus, every New Year along the Nile. Her golden statues were anointed, fed and dressed, similar to Hindu practices. Myrrh was burned and praises were given in thanks for the fertility of the land. Her cow horns held the Sun God within it’s hold.

Hathor is the “Misteress of the West” because she welcomed the souls of the dead into the afterlife. Both priests and priestess served her, royalty and land folk, too. She was seen as Lover, Wife and Mother and was similar to Aphrodite in many ways. Music, joy, sex, milk… all was connected to Hathor.

If anyone else has information for me, I would love to know it! Egyptian magic is not yet familiar to me.

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This witch is tired of being pushed around.

For two weeks something horrible has ravaged my life, taken refuge in my home and invaded my family… the common cold.

No more! I’m tired of coughing and blowing my nose. I’m tired of feeling crappy and I have finally realized, this sickness is not going away. I cannot wait it out any longer…

Today I have began the battle with this wretched demon in everyway I know how. Out came the candles, the oils, the witch bottles and sacred woods. I put my kitchen witchery to full force.

I began by placing halved onions in every room to clean the air. Then I cut up more for a soup. As I cut, I welcomed the cleansing tears that fell from my eyes and I sang to the onions my deepest desires. A green healing candle was lit, a relic from a Brigid’s ritual done at Imbolc, and I added the onions with 3 garlic cloves to a pot of water. A yellow plate was placed over the pot¬†to help trap the steam and this plate became my altar. On the plate the green candle went, then cleansing and healing magickal herbs were spinkled around the little flame in the shape of a star.

Lemon balm, sea salt, rosemary and thyme

Heal my body, family and creature kind.

I used a peice of lemongrass as a wand and stirred the energy higher and higher until my will was done and then I poured the¬†altar’s plant contents happily in the soup water. While the soup cooked, I readied a potion to cleanse our home:

Cleaning Potion of the Green Vial

Half full of vinegar a green vial holds

In it place skin of onion fold.

Lavendar and sea salt add to the mix

Then oil of grapefruit will do the trick.

For the last, chant in it your desire

While smudging from a pinewood fire.

Then you will drip much oil of thyme

To end this healing magick rhyme.

~By Cicada

Hahaha, you like my little verse? This is a little peak of what my Book of Shadows looks like inside. ūüôā

I anointed rags with the cleaning potion and wiped all of the handles, mirrors, windows, keyboards, phones, remotes and lightswitches in my home and by the time I was done with that, the soup was done!

For the rest of the day I am dedicating myself to only eating fruits and vegetables with lots of teas! I hope you all are on the upside to good health and feeling ready for the festive holiday season ahead of us!

Many Blessings

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Free Hugs

Alright- this is awesome! One of my new pals, blogger Jocelyn from The Baby The Mother and The Goddess, told me about this Free Hug campaign and I am spreading it along, because sometimes a hug is just what others need…

Free Hugs Campaign

As I have mentioned before, I like to do random, kind,  anonymous things for strangers. This is along the same lines, but it is actually having the guts to do it face to face! So to hold up a sign that says FREE HUGS in a public place might just be one of my goals for the upcoming year. Enjoy!

image from:http://darwinisms.com/free-hugs/


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I am always so grateful to be nominated for a blog award. A big thank you to everyone who has done so in the past.  However, I want to apologize for  never posted my nominations before.  Mainly, I have two reasons:

1. I am kind of dumb when it comes to techie stuff and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get images where I want them to be on my page.

2. I like a lot of blogs, I would hate to offend anyone that I follow if I didn’t nominate them afterward. If I follow you, I think your fabulous! If I don’t, I probably just haven’t had much time to read much of your blog and I am sure you are fabulous too.¬† And that brings me to

3. (which I am just now adding) I am often short on time and following all of the rules for nomination sounds like it might be too much for me to figure out technically.

This specific nomination was given to me by Labrynthe who has a fun blog full of interesting tidbits. I was having a blaw day today and reading that she considered my blog inspiring really pepped me up, so thank you! I aspire to inspire!

I do want to give a shout out to Sarah Lawless at The Witch of Forest Grove, though. She had the blog that I first started to follow and in turn, inspired me to write my own blog. She writes beautiful posts full of magic, craftsmanship and mystery. Since I’m not really following the rules for nominations I’m not officially nominating her, but I did want you all to know about her website/store!

~Blessings, blessings and more blessings,



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