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Awesome post about our relationship with the gods…

Magick From Scratch

I’m sure we can all think of someone, perhaps on a mailing list, perhaps in a coven, maybe even in our circle of friends, who has some truly absurd belief about their place among the gods. They think they are the last, the only, or truly the best in some regard, or even an incarnate deity, and everyone around them has just run out of face palm.

I’ve heard it said that these people are just looking for attention, but after this past couple of months, I no longer think so.

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sum 13 1

I have been excitingly excited over my summer thus far…. thus the unicorn picture of Tulie (lindsey) is deserving of the top spot.  Lughnasadh night was a wonderful time to relax by bonfire with my sabbatt sisters under the stars playing drums and dreaming of underworld animals… but first that day was filled with:

Meandering our way through city streets:

sum 13 2

Our new band, Moon Folk, playing for the runners of a race:

Lug 13 2

Cooking up harvest foods:

Lug 13 1

Playing marco-polo in cornfields:

Honoring our own personal harvests and blessing our current crops in ritual:

Lug 13

And finally! We get to relax by the fire:

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My July’s Full Moon:

via Altar of Love.

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