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There comes a point in every witch’s work where they must choose to face the unknown. In this choice comes great power, yet also great risk. Along every mystic path, we choose or not choose to take it to the next step and challenge ourselves in hopes of expanding our selves spiritually. Naturally, great fear comes along with this.

Take the example of crafting a charm to help you see the unseen. Although this is what you may want, does your inner, subconscious self really desire this? There are a few possible growth-stunting outcomes in taking this next step:

1. You could suddenly develop a strong second sight and it may freak you out beyond explanation.

2. You will not see or experience anything and every occult thing that you had once so strongly believed in now would be met with doubt.

3. You become mad and crazed – a loss of grip on reality could occur.

This is an example of why some spells may not work so well. In thinking over all of these possibilities, your inner mind and spiritual guides may prevent this charm’s energy from materializing completely.

This is also an example of how many children grow out of their fairytale magical beliefs- afraid of being seen as irrational, crazy and afraid of what it would mean for their definition of reality if many of their magical beliefs were true.

Fear is truly our greatest enemy when it comes to occult work. However, it is important to honor the natural pace of your spiritual development. When you are ready, your abilities and experiences will grow. It is like stretching a muscle: listen to your feelings and body on how far you can go and keep stretching and developing it, but attempting huge feats may result in injury until you are ready… and it is okay if you are not ready! All witches continuously are met with new doors that they are trying to stretch toward to open. The process never ends- once one boundary is crossed, eventually a new one becomes apparent, but at least you have the tools you have developed along the way to help you with the next one.

Naturally developing your spiritual self: Stay alert and aware. Consciously make sure you are living away from a lifestyle where you are on autopilot all the time. Pay attention and be connected. Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and words- they carry great weight until you begin to take them for granted. Honor your intuition (don’t think you have one? Just start paying attention to your inner worlds.) Seek. Seek and Seek.

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So I am going to be writing something that may be controversial out there. My only disclaimer is, is that I respect everyone’s rights to have differing beliefs and am glad our world is as diverse as it is.

Here’s something that has been itching at me for a while about the wiccan/witch community: Many of us have do not believe in the supernatural.

When I met my first adult witch she informed me that witches do not actually fly on broom sticks. What??? I was saddened by this, however this woman taught me so much regarding spirituality, meditation and energy work that I in no way regret having met anyone else. Later on I of course learned that witches do fly on broom sticks during out of body experiences (which functions and feels exactly like flying in the physical), but a part of me still wants to be able to pick up a broom on this earth plane and fly off.

There is this theory that practicing magic in harmony with nature will result in natural consequences. For example, making a love charm and meeting the man of your dreams the next day still seems natural for it’s not like bam, he suddenly appeared in your bedroom once you did the spell. So what kind of magic can be done to result in seemingly unnatural results? Some would say forcefull, unfriendly magic, but I have a different take on it.

I believe many of us are afraid. Our minds would freak out if something supernatural were to actually occur. It’s wonderful to communicate with spirits empathically but our eyes have become clouded by our fears in order to see properly. There are so many books on witchcraft out there, but I find some of the oldest books to be the most challenging of our fears. Often it wasn’t groups of people challenging the witch during initiation, but it was the spirits themselves. The witch would go off alone to a wild place and meditate all night. Often this wild place would be a gravesight or haunted spot. The person would come out either a poet and spirit worker, a madman or never at all.

“Witch” is such a strong word. It deems a person capable of doing strong magic. Another downfall of being open to supernatural events is that many of us have been disapointed in the past. Maybe the fairy you once thought you saw never came out again. Maybe once you learned that Santa wasn’t real you stopped believing in the possibility of magic. However, if you are on this spiritual path I doubt that you have completely stopped believing in magic. However that which you have a hard time believing in will be unlikely to be percieved by you, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I remember that one of the reasons I felt off in my Christain spiritual community as a child is that my experiences did not fit into what I was supposed to believe. I had clear dream premonitions and it was looked strangely upon. I’m afraid it hasn’t changed much with the pagan community, too. Once at a pagan festival I dreamed that a racoon stole the bread in a different tent of mine in middle of the night. What do you think my family found in the morning? The plastic wrapper of our loaf of bread scattered and shredded in the woods behind our clearing.  When we fondly told people about it some looked at me in confusion or disbelief.

Remember why you wanted to be a witch in the first place? You felt the pull of mystery dancing in your blood. You wanted to feel the power of nature pounding in your veins.

Nature has very powerful forces. Asteroids colliding, tornadoes tearing, lightning flaming… powerful magic is natural, too. We just need to be aware that powerful magic will have powerful effects. Don’t forget about the mystery that first danced within you.


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Samhain… the one night of the year where I don’t care how busy I am or how late it is… meeting with my community of witches and journeying to the Underworld is going to happen!

We were all busy that day: I had school till 9pm. Tulie had Trick-or-Treat with her kids. JJ was still in the process of moving out of her house. It did not matter, because come storm or sleet, we were meeting! Tulie and I have been meeting every Samhain night since we were 12 years old.

We do something a bit crazy on good old Samhain… we find a cornfield and we.. we… run around naked in it! Every year I am secretly dreading it the day of. It is so damn cold outside and I’m admittedly a wimp about the cold, but once we are out there running around with the air kissing our thighs I am in love. We shout to the moon and sing blessings to the earth. We renew our spirits and recharge our magic for the next year.

When we go back into the house we are huffing, our lungs burning and our skin tingling. From here the transition is made into ritual space and we dance, drum, sing and call to the spirits of our ancestors and the land.

Hecate, Kali and Oya was honored last night in accordance to our own Dark Goddesses we work with. The circle became heavy with the presence of many spirits. I’m sure our guardians was extra-alert for any mischievous Otherkind last night.

At this point, we were all in a deep trance and ready to move onto the next Samhain tradition. One at a time we approached the altar and knelt in front of the Underworld poison… a deep crimson juice of pomegranate, and we drank of it deeply. Reenacting our deaths, we stumbled onto our resting place already prepared. The other remaining priestesses covered the now motionless body with blankets stained in pokeberry juice and ornate celtic knots.

We journeyed to the Underworld to receive our personal messages for the following year. Time seemed to be non-existent. Our gods showed us our path and prepared us for the upcoming winter. These visions feed us through the new year.

When we are reborn into the circle we awaken from our graves and approach the altar. There, laid before us, is all of the major arcana Tarot cards face down and mixed up. Still in a trance state we choose one to see what the theme for the following year will be. This year I received the Sun, which actually fit perfectly with my Underworld vision.

As the ritual winded down we chanted one of my Crone songs to the beat of Tulie’s buffalo skin drum. The night was a success and we departed with warm smiles and hugs.


Lyrics to my Samhain song,

We are Witches Three

by Cicada/Bonnie Waller

We are witches three 

 we have a holiday,

when we go skyclad

in the fields we pray.

We are witches three

My brother do not fear,

We only honor

the ending of our year.

We are witches three

Watch us part the veil

Out through the mists

The spirits we do hail.

We are witches three

You think we are pretend,

Won’t you join us

dancing with the dead?


Now to show off the awesome El Dia De Los Muertos altar at Western Illinois University:

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Do not despair, but Dance!

Do not weep, but Dance!

Do not tremble with fear, but Dance!

Do not forget- Dance!

It is the first promise and the first lesson in one.

From the beginning of time and unto the end, which are, after all, the same-

to be a Witch is to dance.

And remember your Shadow dances with you.

                         ~ Veronica Cummer, Sorgitzak Old Forest Craft

There are four aspects of being. ~Physical (Earth) ~Emotional (Water) ~Intellectual (Air) and ~Spiritual (Fire)

The first three are well-known in know-how. When drained physically, one must rest, eat well and exercise. When weak emotionally, one needs to figure out what it is that is draining them, take a break from it and often face one’s own Shadow aspect. Also, to nourish one’s heart, often a connection is needed… either through counseling, a friend, or just simply to connect back to one’s self. When tired mentally, a rest from over- stimulating intellectual endeavors is needed and maybe a little distraction.

But how does one go about rejuvenating the Spirit within? Often this is confusing to even self-diagnose because the symptoms of a spiritual drain can seem like physical, emotional and intellectual issues. And often, the prescription needed tends to fall into the categories of the others.

Everyone has a spiritual aspect that needs nourishment. I know an atheist who gets her spiritual needs met by living ethically and seeing a field full of beautiful, twinkling fireflies at night. Some Christians may feed their spiritual side by going to church or praying. For everyone, it is different. However, it is important to know what it is that you need.

For this busy witch, I need the spontaneous moments of making love in the woods. I need to sleep under that stars every once in a while. I need to dance. I need to trance. I need to remember my dreams.

Witches can easily become drained spiritually. For one thing, we are often delving into situations that require a lot of our energy. We walk between the worlds often and to be awakened in both means to inhale and exhale spiritual energy… give and receive. Sometimes we are hermits, making magick in our own little dark caves. Sometimes we are participating community sages, even if some of us are still in the broom closet, I don’t know one witch who doesn’t send healing energy to a friend in need or feel a twinge of remorse for the raccoon that lies silent on the edge of the roads….

We must live in balance like the sky holds steady the day and night. We must know how to nourish the soul.


image from: 1stwebdesigner.com

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To that Always Burning Fire within,

        Awake in my Soul-


Ode to the Self

       that is infinite and unbounded.

Ode to the Self

       that has no beginning or end.

Ode to the Self

       beyond the confines of my body.

  An infinite spiral inside my Being

              constantly connecting

               and reaching back inside again.

Ode to the Self

      expansion Awake.

Ode to my Being

       ever present outside time.

    A touch of eternal flame

                an opening,

                 a quickening,

                 a truth beyond take.

Ode to the Self

       connection to Spirit made whole.

Ode to my Self

       always experiencing the movements

             but is the stillness

                  of the center

                       in my Being Awake.


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They may come to you… You may seek them out. 

The spirits- they are moved. Deeper you peer into what the mystery is about.

Eliciting a response your skin may shiver.

Awaiting your acknowledgement they whisper out loud.

You welcome the opened veil and take hold of the hour.

Their presence wraps you in it’s  comfort as you feel the crowd.

Spirit communication used to be strictly an exchange with non-mythological creatures for me. I used to secretly laugh inside of myself when people talked of fairies and other mythic creatures. I may have felt close to the energy of trees and felt pulled to mythological deities, but I was not sure how to address the fairy, dragon, gnome topics. The world already viewed me as silly and immature for waving a wand around, did I really need to take this one step further?

Then, luckily, I actually met other serious pagans when I became an adult and began to hear stories of the creatures they cohabited with. House sitting for one such pagan one night I woke up to a fierce silver light illuminating from what appeared to be a fairy flying near the ceiling corner. I could barely believe it. I had seen spirit apperations before but usually in a human shaped form. However, I did not take it more seriously until I went to my first Pagan Spirit Gathering. On the last day of my wonderful camping community experience, a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the Faerie Shrine. I said yes, but became a little hesitant as our journey led us into the remote woods far away from camp with this stranger by my side. But, as I was about to make up an excuse to get back, we came to an arched entryway decorated with tiny ribbons and bells. I was enchanted immediately as we entered into an area bedazzled with all things faerie! Little nature houses, shiny trinkets, colorful ribbons and bowls of honey decorated every rock and cranny. The most startling thing, though, was the energy within this area. I felt joyfully serene and a heightened sense of wonder all around me. I could physically feel the energy barrier between the worlds!

That was eight years ago and I have found that this path that I travel spiritually keeps on opening and opening to reveal more. I am so grateful for all of the spirits in all of their forms that have graced my company. For the past two years Tulie and I have welcomed dragon companionship. We started off loosely following some of DJ Conway’s books, but our relationships have really taken on other routes than what the books presents, but starting somewhere was vital. Spirit partnerships can have a profound effect on both worlds.

People who do not live in a continual state of wonder in this world are in a miserable condition..

– Catherine Crow, nineteenth century writer on the paranormal

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Request for Flight

Cascading like a billion stars

for all the world to see,

Her hair of silver moonlight,

She whispers down to me.

Grandmother of the Moon,

I welcome your embrace.

Send for me and I will

place kisses upon thy face.

The crickets chirp so fondly,

the toads moan night so deep,

Come for me great grandma,

Lift me up before I  sleep.


German- der Mond
Danish- mane
Portuguese- a lua
Gealach- luan
Russian- luna
Turkish- Ay
Eskimo- Tatkret
Serbo-Croation- Mjesec
French- la lune
Japanese- ‘Otsukisama
Spanish- la luna
Persian- mah
Bahasa Indonesian- bulan
Romanian- luna
Greek- pronounced: se-lae-nae
Welsh- Ileuad
Polish- Ksiezyc
Hawaiian- Mahina
Swahili- Mwezi
Italian- la luna
Korean- tal
Egyptian- pooh
Sanskrit- Gaus
Pygmy Africa- Pe

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     A thin layer of snow covered the bare fields and scattered patches of woods below, but I could not feel the cold. What I did feel was the pressure of being pulled toward the stars and the movement of wind as I flew. Arms opened wide, I soared above the wide expansion of space and was absolutely giddy knowing that I was finally liberated from gravity.

            I spotted a few travelers below and met with them. I tried to teach them how they could also fly. I told them to gaze upon a distant star and will yourself to be pulled there. Only one came close by  jumping a high leap, but none of them achieved flight. This was okay, I told them, I also had been like this before. I bid them farewell and before rising once more into the night, I spotted the outline of a buck against a vivid, golden moon rising along the horizon.

My first attempt at astral flight was during a welcoming ceremony held on the roof of a distant palace. It seemed that higher beings wanted to celebrate one of my first conscious projections to the astral. Everyone was decked in elegant clothing and music was playing joyfully in the background. And then I did something really, really stupid… I was talking to this woman who looked like she was from India. Her hair was long and black and her dress was made of red silk. She was explaining to me why this celebration was going on. Instead of joining the party, however, I became so excited that I was finally projecting that I ran right to the balcony and announced that I was going to fly. “No”, she said, “you are not ready.” Did I listen to her? Nope. Nope. Nope. I just jumped off that beautiful balcony and fell straight down, past what seemed like many levels of astral worlds until I landed back into my body. Never have I been invited to return again. Who knows what wonderful things could have happened at that place?!

I read later in Astral Dynamics, by Robert Bruce, that astral ceremonies sometimes occur when higher spirits want to mark the occasion of a first time projection. (By the way, this book is highly, highly recommended by me.) So wow, I blew that chance to go to that. But I did learn from it. First of all, at that time the only beings I listened to was the gods themselves. With most other beings, human or not, I unfortunately did not humble myself for. Since then, I have really learned to open myself up to teachers in many forms. I have had to realize, I do not know it all… and oooh that hurts to admit sometimes, doesn’t it?

Secondly, I have learned that the astral world is not a do anything that you please place. So this is not a lucid dream, either. There are consequences. There are real beings with real events occurring here. Courteousness is needed. Like on this earth plane, there are some things that need to be developed before you attempt it full heartedly. I wouldn’t go scuba diving without a lesson, and so I probably shouldn’t try to fly off a balcony either. When I did finally start learning to fly it was by baby steps. I started on the ground and eventually moved up to flying on brooms. Last night when I saw the buck, I am pleased to say that this was one of my first times I was able to fly at will without manifesting brooms or by saying out loud where I want to go. Just flying for fun!

And lastly, I have learned that there are so many different places one can go in the astral. Wherever that ceremony was held at was a wonderful place full of love and light. I have also visited Benevento and met with other witches and played some of their games. I briefly visited Hexenplatz and found myself in a night club like scene. None of these places I have visited in entirety though. I have found that it works best to say the name of the place you want to go once you leave your body and your spirit will take over and zip you over there.

Many Blessings! Thanks for reading!               ~Cicada

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When I was 18 I decided to become initiated by the elements.

As I was living in a chaotic household at the time, I chose Earth to be my first teacher. I dedicated myself for a year and a day to Earth. Little did I know that in beginning this process I would be opening myself in such a way that I would be changed forever. Instead of getting into an Earth mindset, Earth was the one that entered my life. I was challenged  and taught with all things that dealt with growth and stability. Through the challenges, Earth taught me about money, staying centered and grounded and being stable emotionally and physically while chaos orbited around me. I was faced with a horrendous illness and learned how to heal myself. I was learning to become independent even more than I was before. I met a group of strong women. I gained opportunities to venture into new wild wooded areas.

For my next year and a day I chose Water, because that was the one I was most afraid of. I grew up with a bipolar parent and I generally did not like to open up the floodgates of my own soul, seeing how forceful the waters could be first hand. But I soon found out the great power of emotion in magic and in living an authentic life! Once I really got in touch with my emotions I could see the blockages that I needed to face and heal in order to move on with my life. I broke up with my long-time boyfriend because I realized my love for him was more sisterly. I faced my parents and had many conversations about our past. I learned about forgiveness. I went with the flow of life. I met my husband…  I was beginning to open and expand.

The year after this I opened up to Fire. This is when I became more of the free spirit that I first knew as a wild child running through the woods. Imagine a giant flame burning away and flaking away all that is no longer needed. Fire entered my life and I felt great power, maybe even too much at the time for  what I was doing, but still I learned. I went to PSG (pagan spirit gathering) for the first time and danced in my first drum circle around the flames of the Litha bonfires. I took up fire poi. I also became greatly courageous in making big choices in my life. I knew how to be fierce when I needed to be. I stood up to a parent who had threatened me one too many times about kicking me out if I continued to be pagan. I moved in with my then fiance. I helped start a pagan group and later felt the deep burn when that went bad.I also began to do energy work and realized many abilities there.

I welcomed Air with open arms. I have always been an extreme airy person. Intellectual thought, poetry, creativity, spaceyness… this is all me. So I really didn’t know what air could bring me, but I found myself seriously taking up writing. I found myself beginning to learn astral projection. Also, my dreams became vivid. Because I was more balanced in the other elements, inviting air in was the icing on the cake, the sweetness had something to anchor in. I began to do more spirit work, too.

I was going to end with Air. I really was. But when I did my initiation with Air after a year and a day I knew it wasn’t over. A year and a day of Spirit was in store… marriage, buying a house and I swear I didn’t plan this, but  exactly after a year and a day had passed, on that very day, my daughter was born!

My initiation with the elements gave me tools and learning experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world. Inviting them in should not be taken lightly. The power is real. They will take you out of your comfort zone. While I do feel fairly balanced elementally still to this day, this in no way indicates perfection. I am continuing to learn and expand. However, the experience did give me the foundation to approach spiritual lessons honestly and courageously.

Here is the tattoo I designed after going through all of this: The moon shape is for the Goddess. It has become a little faded since then, but there is a branch for earth, seashell and starfish for water, candle for fire, feather for air and stars for spirit.

Well there you go! Lol, now you know more about me than most people in my life!    ~Cicada




(yellow cloaked figure from The Village movie)

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They thought it degrading to him whose temple is the universe,

to suppose that he would dwell in any house made with hands.

-excerpt from The Golden Bough discussing the Druid opinion of man made temples

The Golden Bough by J. G. Frazer is a collection of pagan practices and ancient customs written in 1922. It’s a great academic reference for anyone who is interested in incorporating traditional elements into their practice. Although if you have never read scholarly work on paganism before I have to warn you that doing so will expose you to a world that is unlike the our modern pagan culture. For example, the first Beltane fires  involved human sacrifice. An oatmeal cake was made and whoever got the cailleach, a piece of cake marked within with a foreign object, was the sacrifice to ensure blessings for the crops. Other games were played with oatmeal cakes to pick the sacrificial devotee and over time this custom led to simply having the person leap over the fire three times.

As absolutely horrifying this may seem, we need to understand it within the context of the people. To them, it was an honor to be a sacrifice. To place yourself in a position to chance upon receiving the cailleach was considered to be a mark of devotion.

Another custom of lighting Beltane fires were to keep witches away. It was thought within some cultures that witches flew May Eve and that lighting the fires would protect all the land that could see the fire from baleful sorcery. This night is called Walpurgis Night when the witches did their errands. Thus, it became custom to light the fires on hills so that maximum exposure was achieved. In Bohemia an effigy of a witch was also burnt in the fire.

Other customs (and sorry for not being specific on where most of these originated from) include passing cattle through the fire to protect the livestock from disease, dancing around the fire to purify everyone and their families and distinguishing the hearth fires that were kept lit all year and relighting them with the Beltane fires that were started by scratch from flint and oak. Also, people wood char oak sticks with the fire and take them home and burn them in times of big storms for protection. As far as the fire itself, in Sweden it was thought that if the wind blew the flames northward that it would be a colder spring. If the flames go southward then Spring will be warm.

The book also goes into great detail of other May Day customs including May-poles, May King and Bride and so on. By the way, this is an almost 900 page book, so I simply just look in the index for the different topics I am studying.

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