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     A thin layer of snow covered the bare fields and scattered patches of woods below, but I could not feel the cold. What I did feel was the pressure of being pulled toward the stars and the movement of wind as I flew. Arms opened wide, I soared above the wide expansion of space and was absolutely giddy knowing that I was finally liberated from gravity.

            I spotted a few travelers below and met with them. I tried to teach them how they could also fly. I told them to gaze upon a distant star and will yourself to be pulled there. Only one came close by  jumping a high leap, but none of them achieved flight. This was okay, I told them, I also had been like this before. I bid them farewell and before rising once more into the night, I spotted the outline of a buck against a vivid, golden moon rising along the horizon.

My first attempt at astral flight was during a welcoming ceremony held on the roof of a distant palace. It seemed that higher beings wanted to celebrate one of my first conscious projections to the astral. Everyone was decked in elegant clothing and music was playing joyfully in the background. And then I did something really, really stupid… I was talking to this woman who looked like she was from India. Her hair was long and black and her dress was made of red silk. She was explaining to me why this celebration was going on. Instead of joining the party, however, I became so excited that I was finally projecting that I ran right to the balcony and announced that I was going to fly. “No”, she said, “you are not ready.” Did I listen to her? Nope. Nope. Nope. I just jumped off that beautiful balcony and fell straight down, past what seemed like many levels of astral worlds until I landed back into my body. Never have I been invited to return again. Who knows what wonderful things could have happened at that place?!

I read later in Astral Dynamics, by Robert Bruce, that astral ceremonies sometimes occur when higher spirits want to mark the occasion of a first time projection. (By the way, this book is highly, highly recommended by me.) So wow, I blew that chance to go to that. But I did learn from it. First of all, at that time the only beings I listened to was the gods themselves. With most other beings, human or not, I unfortunately did not humble myself for. Since then, I have really learned to open myself up to teachers in many forms. I have had to realize, I do not know it all… and oooh that hurts to admit sometimes, doesn’t it?

Secondly, I have learned that the astral world is not a do anything that you please place. So this is not a lucid dream, either. There are consequences. There are real beings with real events occurring here. Courteousness is needed. Like on this earth plane, there are some things that need to be developed before you attempt it full heartedly. I wouldn’t go scuba diving without a lesson, and so I probably shouldn’t try to fly off a balcony either. When I did finally start learning to fly it was by baby steps. I started on the ground and eventually moved up to flying on brooms. Last night when I saw the buck, I am pleased to say that this was one of my first times I was able to fly at will without manifesting brooms or by saying out loud where I want to go. Just flying for fun!

And lastly, I have learned that there are so many different places one can go in the astral. Wherever that ceremony was held at was a wonderful place full of love and light. I have also visited Benevento and met with other witches and played some of their games. I briefly visited Hexenplatz and found myself in a night club like scene. None of these places I have visited in entirety though. I have found that it works best to say the name of the place you want to go once you leave your body and your spirit will take over and zip you over there.

Many Blessings! Thanks for reading!               ~Cicada

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When I was 18 I decided to become initiated by the elements.

As I was living in a chaotic household at the time, I chose Earth to be my first teacher. I dedicated myself for a year and a day to Earth. Little did I know that in beginning this process I would be opening myself in such a way that I would be changed forever. Instead of getting into an Earth mindset, Earth was the one that entered my life. I was challenged  and taught with all things that dealt with growth and stability. Through the challenges, Earth taught me about money, staying centered and grounded and being stable emotionally and physically while chaos orbited around me. I was faced with a horrendous illness and learned how to heal myself. I was learning to become independent even more than I was before. I met a group of strong women. I gained opportunities to venture into new wild wooded areas.

For my next year and a day I chose Water, because that was the one I was most afraid of. I grew up with a bipolar parent and I generally did not like to open up the floodgates of my own soul, seeing how forceful the waters could be first hand. But I soon found out the great power of emotion in magic and in living an authentic life! Once I really got in touch with my emotions I could see the blockages that I needed to face and heal in order to move on with my life. I broke up with my long-time boyfriend because I realized my love for him was more sisterly. I faced my parents and had many conversations about our past. I learned about forgiveness. I went with the flow of life. I met my husband…  I was beginning to open and expand.

The year after this I opened up to Fire. This is when I became more of the free spirit that I first knew as a wild child running through the woods. Imagine a giant flame burning away and flaking away all that is no longer needed. Fire entered my life and I felt great power, maybe even too much at the time for  what I was doing, but still I learned. I went to PSG (pagan spirit gathering) for the first time and danced in my first drum circle around the flames of the Litha bonfires. I took up fire poi. I also became greatly courageous in making big choices in my life. I knew how to be fierce when I needed to be. I stood up to a parent who had threatened me one too many times about kicking me out if I continued to be pagan. I moved in with my then fiance. I helped start a pagan group and later felt the deep burn when that went bad.I also began to do energy work and realized many abilities there.

I welcomed Air with open arms. I have always been an extreme airy person. Intellectual thought, poetry, creativity, spaceyness… this is all me. So I really didn’t know what air could bring me, but I found myself seriously taking up writing. I found myself beginning to learn astral projection. Also, my dreams became vivid. Because I was more balanced in the other elements, inviting air in was the icing on the cake, the sweetness had something to anchor in. I began to do more spirit work, too.

I was going to end with Air. I really was. But when I did my initiation with Air after a year and a day I knew it wasn’t over. A year and a day of Spirit was in store… marriage, buying a house and I swear I didn’t plan this, but  exactly after a year and a day had passed, on that very day, my daughter was born!

My initiation with the elements gave me tools and learning experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world. Inviting them in should not be taken lightly. The power is real. They will take you out of your comfort zone. While I do feel fairly balanced elementally still to this day, this in no way indicates perfection. I am continuing to learn and expand. However, the experience did give me the foundation to approach spiritual lessons honestly and courageously.

Here is the tattoo I designed after going through all of this: The moon shape is for the Goddess. It has become a little faded since then, but there is a branch for earth, seashell and starfish for water, candle for fire, feather for air and stars for spirit.

Well there you go! Lol, now you know more about me than most people in my life!    ~Cicada




(yellow cloaked figure from The Village movie)

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They thought it degrading to him whose temple is the universe,

to suppose that he would dwell in any house made with hands.

-excerpt from The Golden Bough discussing the Druid opinion of man made temples

The Golden Bough by J. G. Frazer is a collection of pagan practices and ancient customs written in 1922. It’s a great academic reference for anyone who is interested in incorporating traditional elements into their practice. Although if you have never read scholarly work on paganism before I have to warn you that doing so will expose you to a world that is unlike the our modern pagan culture. For example, the first Beltane fires  involved human sacrifice. An oatmeal cake was made and whoever got the cailleach, a piece of cake marked within with a foreign object, was the sacrifice to ensure blessings for the crops. Other games were played with oatmeal cakes to pick the sacrificial devotee and over time this custom led to simply having the person leap over the fire three times.

As absolutely horrifying this may seem, we need to understand it within the context of the people. To them, it was an honor to be a sacrifice. To place yourself in a position to chance upon receiving the cailleach was considered to be a mark of devotion.

Another custom of lighting Beltane fires were to keep witches away. It was thought within some cultures that witches flew May Eve and that lighting the fires would protect all the land that could see the fire from baleful sorcery. This night is called Walpurgis Night when the witches did their errands. Thus, it became custom to light the fires on hills so that maximum exposure was achieved. In Bohemia an effigy of a witch was also burnt in the fire.

Other customs (and sorry for not being specific on where most of these originated from) include passing cattle through the fire to protect the livestock from disease, dancing around the fire to purify everyone and their families and distinguishing the hearth fires that were kept lit all year and relighting them with the Beltane fires that were started by scratch from flint and oak. Also, people wood char oak sticks with the fire and take them home and burn them in times of big storms for protection. As far as the fire itself, in Sweden it was thought that if the wind blew the flames northward that it would be a colder spring. If the flames go southward then Spring will be warm.

The book also goes into great detail of other May Day customs including May-poles, May King and Bride and so on. By the way, this is an almost 900 page book, so I simply just look in the index for the different topics I am studying.

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A mystic has essential needs that need to be met from time to time in order to feed our souls . Off the top of my head they are:

Nature~opportunities to be immersed in the presence of the wild earth.

Connection~ opportunities to commune with the spirit worlds.

Alone Time- opportunities for a hermatage, a retreat into one’s own being.

Freedom- opportunities to break free from social constraints. Dance, sing, yell, chant… do whatever you need to do to stretch your boundaries to de-stress and open yourself.

Last night Tulie and I experienced all of these things. We offered tobacco to the spirits of the land, to the White Goddess, to the ancestors of all the witches that have flew before us. We set up ritual space with the intention of freeing ourselves from our daily stresses and to be present in the mystical moments. I wish I could tell you all that happened, but only clippets of time is remembered  amidst my trance: Astral wings, running wildly under the sliver of Artemis moon, singing softly, collapsing under trees with streaks of lightning scars upon their trunks, visits from Old Mother, healing from the spirits, seeing Tulie pace the yard in her barefeet, retreating back inside only to find ourselves in a continuous trance state, laying in awe on the couches as the candles flicker. I am so grateful for last night. Like a dream, parts of me came out uninhibited while I was safe to be as I please among the cornfields and tall grasses. Our ritual started together and ended together, but the icing in between was really tasted in the middle when we were alone in our acts of magic.  May you all find the opportunity to stretch your wings. Fly onward to feed your mystic soul.



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Energetic Arts

Like mentioned before in my Astral Projection post, we are infinite beings whose energy is also infinite in size. It is what we are conscious of, however, that feels like a form. Most people are only aware of their physical shape. But what if we were to explore the energy shape that we take on in our lives? For example, when I do psychometry (psychic metal reading) I can feel the energy of another person and often the shapes that it tends to take on. I have  met people who have wings, tree branches from their crown chakras, telescope shapes from the third eye, unicorn horns, spikes, etc.

I understand that human evolution is not quite to the point of understanding the importance of taking personal responsibility for our own personal energy we project on to others, but we need to be close to this realization. We have all met people that are energy suckers. The sad thing is, is that most do not have a clue what they are doing! This being said, when my friend JJ came over last night at one point we decided to do an energetic exercise that I must share with everyone…

After talking about spirit work we somehow got on the subject of energy and I mentioned an energy building exercise that I learned a while ago (I want to say from the movie Celestine Prophesy, but not for sure if it is exactly like that one).

1. We faced each other and took turns giving energy to each other and being open to receiving energy. We motioned with our hands when we were giving so the other person knew it was their turn to receive. When giving, we tried to give as much energy as we were able give. Knowing that the energy was coming right back to you made this task easier. By the time we went through about fifteen minutes of this, there was way more energy than we both started with.

This second exercise Tulie and I made up and have done on multiple occasions. I am not an expert on energy, I just know what I know through study and experience, and I am not claiming that this is a safe game, so please proceed with this with love and positivity.

2. Energy Martial Arts… Practice throwing energy forms at each other. Have the receiver stand and close their eyes so they cannot see where you are aiming (until you become advanced it helps to physically use your hands to throw the energy with). JJ and I did energy arrows from energy bows. We did rushing water energy. We shoved huge earth energy staffs at each other. This was never done with the intent to hurt each other though, just for each other to feel the power in it. I may have went too far when I constructed an energy bonfire in front of me and formed it into a whip and whipped her face with it. Her cheeks were red and hot for quite a while and she asked for water immediately.  Sorry JJ! We practiced sending healing energy forms to each other. She sent me dog forms jumping playfully on me. Tulie and I have sent each other snakes, streams, wind, etc. Have fun, but send with love! Then you can move on to the receiver trying to shield while the other one tries to penetrate through it. Be visual and imaginative. Shields can be anything from a tall hedge to a giant flower closing you in.     This is a great exercise to strengthen almost every aspect one uses in magic.

After she left I happened to look at the clock and notice it had completely stopped. It is still stopped the next day. The battery did not show any signs of slowing like they usually do before they die. The clock’s time was around the time of the height of our energy games…. interesting.

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Astral Projection

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So I am a big fan of Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. However, having a life long  fascination with astral projection, I read anything that I get my hands on about the subject to broaden my mind about it. Right now I am reading Astral Projection by John Magnus. So far it has been interesting because it discusses more of the philosophical exploration on the subject whereas most books cover the technical implications largely.

I have had spontaneous astral projection experiences since I was a child. I never knew what it was because I would suddenly find myself drifting to actual places in middle of the night or waking up with odd sensations zapping through my body. Going from spontaneous projections (which happened rarely) to conscious projections was not a smooth transition, but I have learned it is possible to do. In this new book I am reading I came across an idea that was really interesting and I just had an experience and I now can’t get back to sleep so I am writing!

“The fact that older astral projection literature refers to the shift of attention as an exit is caused by the human traditional belief that the physical is our natural state of being (which it is not). When researchers tried to explain the astral projection phenomenon in the old days, they naturally assumed that some part of us existed what they thought was the center of our being, our bodies.” -page 153

After reading this I meditated and thought about the time I was doing the Corpse Pose after an intense yoga session. This is the pose at the end of doing yoga when you completely relax (I’m not an expert so don’t quote me on this though!) Anyway, one time during this I found that my body was like a shell and my etheric, energy body was able to go through the shell and expand it’s awareness as large as the container of the room. I had consciousness everywhere.

Now here’s a theory to ponder: I then thought about this possibility that we are actually everywhere. Imagine you are operating on a certain frequency or vibration and that this is the essence of you. Your body is not so much a vessel for this energy but a physical receiver of this energy so that this energy can have awareness and action in the physical. Being in trance at this time, it was so easy to once again have that experience of being everywhere! My awareness was outside of my body able to freely go wherever it wanted. However, I wasn’t quite used to this. It was like I was shapeless and I didn’t know how to move very well because it felt like I was everywhere. From here I was easily able to feel once more aware in my body and the vibrating energy sensations came easily. (This is the sensation I get when I know my etheric double is ready to do some exploring. It feels like your tingly like when your foot falls asleep, but it’s all over your body.) I projected as the shape of a human and wondered around for a bit. This is always fun because it literally feels like you are walking around. In fact sometimes I am not quite sure when I project if I am actually standing up in my bed physically or not. This question always gets answered when I find that my hand can go through walls, though!

Thinking of the body in this way is not too much of a stretch scientifically. Psychologically speaking, sensation and perception deals completely with our bodies sensing physical stimuli (chemicals for taste and smell, vibrations for touch and sound, light for vision) and delivering the message to our brains where we perceive. What if we took it one step further and said that our energy essence was able to then perceive the physical by means of the physical bodies relaying the stimuli for us? I’m not meaning to downplay the role of our bodies in any way, they are truly sacred and spiritually significant, but this is something to consider. Imagine that your essence is everywhere like rays of light and that your body is just accessing a few of these rays, but it can be conscious of the others through this realization.

Many ask me what is the point of astral projection? Well for one, it’s fun! You wanna know what it feels like to fly or project in a certain shape? This is a great way to do it. For two, it stretches what you perceive reality to be which is a good practice for anyone who does magic. You can also access the astral plane and find out what energy patterns are hindering or helping you. Just looking into an astral mirror will tell you a lot about your energy body. You can also access  the earth plane and find missing objects. The witches’ sabbath is often found in the astral realms and this can be exciting to visit. The list goes on and on.

Dreaming: not very conscious

Lucid Dreaming: consciously creating

Astral Projection: consciously participating


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