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Tulie invited me over yesterday and told me to bring some craft stuff. I had no idea what to bring until an idea struck me… and it was either going to be a disaster or the best idea ever.  Well, it turned out to be THE BEST IDEA EVER….

oracle cards

Materials:  Pack of playing cards (the normal image type)
Colored Permanent Markers

Process: Get into ritual mode… meditate, light incense, whatever you need to do to get into the mindset of sacred connection.

On each card you are going to draw instinctively a picture that is not associated with anything you have seen before. These images should be abstract because they need to tap into your subconscious. Your inner mystic is going to be designing these cards. Don’t think too hard about what you are doing because you just want it to flow out of you unhindered. You do not even need to start thinking about what these images mean, just have fun in the process and bless your deck when you are done.

Tulie and I both did the same deck which was nice because if I were to do it all by myself it would have taken a very long time and my mojo could have ran dry. Also, since I got to take the deck home, I have her energy in it and her subconscious can speak to mine! We plan on doing another deck for her to keep soon.

The Reading:   (the best part)

You can follow any traditional or non-traditional tarot spread that you want. When you spread out the cards, start with them all face down so you can easily focus on one card placement at a time. Look at the card. What intuitive feelings, visions and thoughts do you get regarding the abstract images in relation to the card placement? The idea is to get into the same subconscious, intuitive zone/flow that you were in when creating the cards. Let the images speak to you now. Don’t worry if you think your words are not making sense, just go with it and pretty soon you will see how insightful you really have been. The wonderful thing is that the card meanings can change from one card reader to another. An image may say something to you one time and something totally different another. These images, combined with the traditional playing card picture suits (that originated from Tarot)  will become like mythic symbols ready to transport you into your intuitive journey.

Let me know if you try this and how it goes!




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For my Full Moon tarot reading I felt the urge to use two decks at the same time. I took turns drawing a card for each deck at  each placement spot and the results were spectacular. In a ten card spread, the 8 of Pentacles from both decks popped up in the reading. A card could not appear twice in a reading using one deck, unless you replace the card every time…hey, maybe I will try that next.

While I am at it, I thought I would share the decks I currently use…

The Halloween Tarot is exactly what it sounds like… all the pictures look like they take place around Halloween time. The suits are: Ghosts (water/cups), Pumpkins (earth/pentacles), Imps (fire/wands) and Bats (air/swords). Each image is brightly colored in mostly blacks, oranges, greens and purples with playful scenes of trick or treating, haunted mansions and night-fright scenes. The book that comes with the cards does a good-enough job in translating the card meanings, but I mostly use the deck for the fun and spooky cards. This deck has responded very well to my energy and likes to be used for general readings.

The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck has one of the most spiritual and profound books that I have ever read. I found this book at a used book store a while back and it didn’t have the cards with it, but the book alone was insightful to read. The focus of the text is about opening and awakening your spiritual path and has a native american theme. I finally purchased the deck (originally made in 1990). The suits are: Stones (earth), Pipes (fire), Arrows (air) and Bowls (water). The images are hand-drawn in ink and look to be colored in with water color. I use this deck for readings that coincide to deep spirituality (so, most of the time I use this deck 🙂 )

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I’ve been busy with a tarot project for a while and I’m pleased to say that it is done!

Working with tarot has been apart of my life for 16 years. I’ve had some memorable times… like when I got the message I was pregnant with my daughter or the time the cards prepared me for something about to fail.

Over time, I developed relationships with my cards. One deck wanted to be used for spiritual purposes. Another wanted to be used for practical uses and so on. I’ve learned that if you treat your set like a friend that the answers will be more consistent and reliable. When I first get a new deck, I bless each image while smudging with sage. After a reading, I clear the energy of the last reading by blowing on all of the cards.

Even though I have been working with Tarot for a while, I still find myself not knowing some of the minor arcana during a reading. I have to pause and flip through the book. As an exercise I started to keep a record of each card: the title, one or two word meaning, and a simple associated image. One thing led to another and I designed a whole deck this way that begged to be used! This was a great activity and I would suggest it to any tarot workers. I also wanted the cards to be very small so that I could toss them and work out spreads similar to runes if I wanted and so my Complete Simple Tarot on Scrabble Tiles was born! So far I have one available at my Twitchy Witchy store

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Fire Scry

As the flames licked the sky and the logs toppled over in ash our visions began…

A voice spoke to me: “Something is going to happen that you think you are prepared for, but are not.” The fire then spat and roared as more logs fell.

Then Tulie saw the Grim Reaper slash into someone’s third eye.

Two others did not see things so menacing, but tonight was the Blue Moon, how could Tulie and I not take our visions seriously?

Only experienced Diviners will know this dread. It is when you have lived through many moons of scrying and reading cards and dreaming dreams that you know the very real complications that will arise from such readings. This very Diviner is someone who has broken up with boyfriends because of dreams to only later find out they were cheating on me. I have learned first hand from a Tarot card that I was pregnant, or that what I want will not be. Of course, we still walk our own path, and nothing has to be set in stone. Sometimes a vision is there to help us choose a different path. Divining is like looking into a pool of water and being able to see where the ripples are heading.

However, with something so vague as our vision meanings, how could any of this be prevented? For me personally, I used my intuition and continued to ask the blue moon bonfire questions and clarified that my children will be okay. Then everyone drew a Tarot card for this next month. Tulie drew out the Sun, labeled Rebirth, and I-the World. Major Arcana is not called Major for nothing.


Drawing Down the Moon ~ Welcome Goddess in you.

She came to me and I felt the World being Reborn. I felt the childbirth pains of the Earth passing through my hips. I crouched low onto the dewy grass and swayed to the pulse of the flowing blood within my body. And as soon as she came, she left, leaving me feeling open. After this was when our visions came.


At the end of the night we took a walk down Tulie’s gravel road and stopped by a cow pasture. Cow pastures are the only places I have seen the lovely Datura growing wild. This poisonous beauty loves cow dung. I could write a whole other post on this plant, but for now I will only get into what we did with it that night! (Datura is a common flying ointment ingredient, you can purchase great ointments from The Witch of Forest Grove and obtaining more info) One way of safely communicating with this plant is to lightly smell it before sleep. As soon as I got home, I got out my freshly picked night bloom and smelled it while asking for dreams from the plant spirit. Strange dreams ensued: giants invading our world and portals to other worlds were revealed, but to get to them required courage and risk.

This year’s Blue Moon proved to be strange indeed, but none the less intense in magic. As far as preparing for something I have not been prepared for,  I have decided to stock up on safety supplies for my house: canned food, water, matches and lighters, batteries.

Many Blessings Everyone!

trees picture: coastgallery.com

moon goddess: flealess.org

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