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Language is what defines our reality. In a postmodernistic view, where reality is subject to everyone’s own perceptions, language helps form our realities and can be different for different groups and individuals.

Words convey symbols. But what one word may convey to one person, can mean something so different to another. (Just think of all the connotations connected to the word “magic”).

It seems that with all religions, everyone has a word for God, but the words themselves do not match.

In fact, I personally think the word “God” is still too limiting to what it is I feel the Infinite Spirit represents. The word God feels so human to me. I once read in a Hindu scripture (can’t think of exact one) that people need a personal view and an impersonal view of God, so all the deities help a person connect to God, as there is a humanistic image of He or She, the impersonal view is called Atman (God within) and Brahman (God outside of ourselves). The goal is realizing that they are identical.  I like this perspective, as do many.

However, the word God, or even Goddess, is still limiting in it’s symbolic form. At least for me. Even if I try to connect to the impersonal God, I still end up imagining this old dude in the sky. Some people have an androgynous form of God they like to connect with, but it is still so human. Here’s the thing… out of all the hundreds names for God, what is it that God really means? What is it that God is?



If everyone could just accept this about everyone else’s gods, this would be the start of peace.

If everyone could just place LOVE on their altars, we would have the ultimate ideal for our lives.

LOVE is limitless. It has infinite forms. This is why there are so many deities and ideas of what they are. The world needs so many forms of Love. From the love of creativity to the love of the future generations to allow for death. Love is why we are here. Even if your parents conceived you from what most would deem as loveless sex, you were still conceived because they desired connection.


I am not saying I’m giving up on paganism or the God’s. Since love is infinite and we are part of this Infinite energy then there are many forms. Just like there are many, many people born to serve Love in many ways (teachers, musicians, librarians, leaders, garbage truck drivers, mothers, morticians, acrobats, etc…) there are many deities needed to serve Love in many ways  (Allah, Kali, Diana, Jehovah) and yes, many saints and prophets and wise ones (Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mother Theresa, You?). And let’s not forget about the animals and plants of this world!

Thus, I am a servant of Love. I am love and you are love.

So Blessed Be

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I am so excited to be writing this post!

Ganesha has been a god that I have wanted to be in a relationship with for many years. He is the remover of obstacles, he opens the door to the Goddess, he is loving and playful and wise.  He is the guardian of inner mysteries and blesses us on our paths…

I have subtly approached him in the past, but I never felt his presence so much. I have figured out a long time ago along this mystic path that relationships with deities often work the best (and stick around the longest) when they come to us. They will come to us. They will choose us. They will show us signs that they are around and they will get the attention of someone who they choose as a devotee.

Today, in the late afternoon, I decided to pick some wildflowers along the gravel roads and do a small ritual for something I am wanting to blossom in my life. I wanted to begin in my faerie shrine under my pine tree and end in my labyrinth. However, once in my faerie shrine I immediately felt the call to sit by a white concrete elephant statue and do ritual there (which I have never done before). It was then that I noticed the lovely leafy vine growing up over the elephant and then bam! Ganesha made himself known!

I’ve been wanting a bigger Ganesha statue (I have a miniscule one that is tinier than a penny) and who knew- I’ve had my future Ganesha statue this whole time!


           And on a different note on the Gods, I recently finished a Lord of the Wild Things collage that I added to my magnet collection at my etsy store… enjoy!

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