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Request for Flight

Cascading like a billion stars

for all the world to see,

Her hair of silver moonlight,

She whispers down to me.

Grandmother of the Moon,

I welcome your embrace.

Send for me and I will

place kisses upon thy face.

The crickets chirp so fondly,

the toads moan night so deep,

Come for me great grandma,

Lift me up before I  sleep.


German- der Mond
Danish- mane
Portuguese- a lua
Gealach- luan
Russian- luna
Turkish- Ay
Eskimo- Tatkret
Serbo-Croation- Mjesec
French- la lune
Japanese- ‘Otsukisama
Spanish- la luna
Persian- mah
Bahasa Indonesian- bulan
Romanian- luna
Greek- pronounced: se-lae-nae
Welsh- Ileuad
Polish- Ksiezyc
Hawaiian- Mahina
Swahili- Mwezi
Italian- la luna
Korean- tal
Egyptian- pooh
Sanskrit- Gaus
Pygmy Africa- Pe

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