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Finally!!!                                           She is here…

I felt her creeping up through the soil.

I heard her awakening the roots and waiting seeds.

I tasted her in the flowing sap and smelled her in the bird filled breeze.

Persephone: Awakened.

Many new things are awakening now. My spirit arose with the March Moon last night and I blessed my sacred tools in the last winter’s snow. Twitchywitchy has become greatly successful in just one week. I had my first vending event at a woman’s magickal conference over the weekend and my magnets, poetry booklets, paintings, prints, jewelery and painted up knick-knacks were a hit. Yes, you heard right: my poetry book is finished! I took the best of my spiritual poems over the years and combined them into a poetry booklet to nourish the mystic soul. I would have never pursued this project if it hadn’t been for my many friends nudging me along the way to get it out there.

poetry bookpoetry book 3

I’m still in the process of posting up more items to my store, so more busy work awaits me but I am finding it so rewarding to be able to inspire others through art. As I got to sell face to face with my customers I was able to hear about the sentimental emotions they had already attached to my handcrafted items. One woman bought a moon painted cow for her wife as a symbol of their closeness. Another woman loved a red painted pentacle bowl and planned on using it to store her flowers she had gotten while in the hospital for a kidney transplant.

I feel so blessed to be part of the community around me and I am so glad this blog helps me connect to the spiritual people of the world. (Oh and I am stepping outside of what I am used to and finally posting a picture of myself !) May more doors continue to open as the world reawakens to bloom.

~Brightest Spring Blessings~


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I have a dress like pictured above. It was pretty and flowy, but too big for me and it has been taking up space in my closet. Then, it occurred to me…   cut a line in the middle from the neck all the way down to the skirt hem and BAM- it is now a ritual robe! If you purchase zig-zag fabric scissors at a fabric store to use then you don’t even need to sew up the fabric to prevent fraying.

I wore my “new” robe yesterday for a group Yule ritual at Tulie’s house. I safety pinned it tight in one area at my sternum and wrapped a blessing cord around it to hide the safety pinned area. It turned out sexy and beautiful. It also looks good left open, too.  So now I am going to search up the thrift stores for more of these dresses that have fun prints and are made out of t-shirt material. Thought I would pass along the brainstorm!

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I’ve been busy with a tarot project for a while and I’m pleased to say that it is done!

Working with tarot has been apart of my life for 16 years. I’ve had some memorable times… like when I got the message I was pregnant with my daughter or the time the cards prepared me for something about to fail.

Over time, I developed relationships with my cards. One deck wanted to be used for spiritual purposes. Another wanted to be used for practical uses and so on. I’ve learned that if you treat your set like a friend that the answers will be more consistent and reliable. When I first get a new deck, I bless each image while smudging with sage. After a reading, I clear the energy of the last reading by blowing on all of the cards.

Even though I have been working with Tarot for a while, I still find myself not knowing some of the minor arcana during a reading. I have to pause and flip through the book. As an exercise I started to keep a record of each card: the title, one or two word meaning, and a simple associated image. One thing led to another and I designed a whole deck this way that begged to be used! This was a great activity and I would suggest it to any tarot workers. I also wanted the cards to be very small so that I could toss them and work out spreads similar to runes if I wanted and so my Complete Simple Tarot on Scrabble Tiles was born! So far I have one available at my Twitchy Witchy store

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Sorry in advance, I’m gonna get preachy on you, but this story touched my heart. I pray that the sacred land of Pe’ Sla will be saved from bulldozing and construction.

The Lakota and Sioux have always used the Black Hills for ritual purpose and they are in desperate need for help so that they can continue to do so. The Spirits of Land are in danger and we as a world community should come together and bring peace to these nations.



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