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I am feeling myself emerging from my cocoon with new wings and ideas. New definitions of who I am and what the world is have begun to sprout and soon I will be taking my first flight into unknown territories.

bel fire

Since Beltane night I have been exploring what it is to journey with transformation in mind. All of us evolve and shift our ideas and actions over our life times. Welcoming growth and life-affirming change is needed on a continual basis in order to stay away from the stagnant waters of our soul.

So what have I been doing? Well, let me tell you who I used to be at 13… I was a wild child of the woods, a fierce lover of anyone I could get my hands on and make-believer in the true world of unseen mystery. I sneaked out during summers to see the heat lightning dance above the fields. I stole away to ponds and rivers to write poetry and make my offerings of teenage kisses to nymph queens and kings.

And then I became older (wiser?)… all of the things I thought I was working for came to be: married my perfect man, had our perfect kids and a part of me became paranoid that something that was so wild in me was too impulsive for my comfy home life. But the wildness has never left me- I don’t think it can- it comes out in my laughter, tears, blood and sweat and magic. It reminds me in the thunder’s song as I try to sleep at night. It haunts me until I let it out through my art, my writing, my songs, my fierce fire when I become outraged about a worldly injustice. (Seriously, what is going on out there??)

Facing my fears of wild… Cougars have begun to roam again in Illinois again, too. After over 100 years they are back. The chances of running into one is rare. The chance of being killed by one is even rarer (19 people have been killed in the last 100 years). However, a fear so deep has struck me. I have been finding myself scared to go into the woods alone lately- but my wildness refuses to leave me alone. My body aches to be out among the dense trees- listening to their mysteries. I have decided that to live a life away from the woods is no life for me. So I have studied on how to act if I see a cougar  (don’t make eye contact, walk away slow but never turn your back) and if one tries to attack (act like a crazy wild animal and scream at it). If I end up eaten at least I tried to really live my life how I need to and my body can become part of the woods again.

Oh, so and now I hear news that my county is under a tornado watch….

Here is a sneak peak of some magic I have been working on lately… More info on that soon! Happy 100th post to me!

triangle neck

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There comes a point in every witch’s work where they must choose to face the unknown. In this choice comes great power, yet also great risk. Along every mystic path, we choose or not choose to take it to the next step and challenge ourselves in hopes of expanding our selves spiritually. Naturally, great fear comes along with this.

Take the example of crafting a charm to help you see the unseen. Although this is what you may want, does your inner, subconscious self really desire this? There are a few possible growth-stunting outcomes in taking this next step:

1. You could suddenly develop a strong second sight and it may freak you out beyond explanation.

2. You will not see or experience anything and every occult thing that you had once so strongly believed in now would be met with doubt.

3. You become mad and crazed – a loss of grip on reality could occur.

This is an example of why some spells may not work so well. In thinking over all of these possibilities, your inner mind and spiritual guides may prevent this charm’s energy from materializing completely.

This is also an example of how many children grow out of their fairytale magical beliefs- afraid of being seen as irrational, crazy and afraid of what it would mean for their definition of reality if many of their magical beliefs were true.

Fear is truly our greatest enemy when it comes to occult work. However, it is important to honor the natural pace of your spiritual development. When you are ready, your abilities and experiences will grow. It is like stretching a muscle: listen to your feelings and body on how far you can go and keep stretching and developing it, but attempting huge feats may result in injury until you are ready… and it is okay if you are not ready! All witches continuously are met with new doors that they are trying to stretch toward to open. The process never ends- once one boundary is crossed, eventually a new one becomes apparent, but at least you have the tools you have developed along the way to help you with the next one.

Naturally developing your spiritual self: Stay alert and aware. Consciously make sure you are living away from a lifestyle where you are on autopilot all the time. Pay attention and be connected. Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and words- they carry great weight until you begin to take them for granted. Honor your intuition (don’t think you have one? Just start paying attention to your inner worlds.) Seek. Seek and Seek.

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protection necklace 1

Working with new spirits means taking on new precautions. Lately my friends and I have been studying Slavic spirits due to recent dream revelations and we decided to make protective amulets to wear during our initial workings. Tulie supplied the iron skeleton keys and I brought the red cord. Both are ideal for luck and protection. She happened to have some red coral and a holey stone lying around also, so I snatched them up for my necklace.

protection necklace

After blessing and charging our necklaces we did some spirit work, but to my surprise I felt almost nothing (which is unusual for me). My necklace was the only one with the additional coral and stone (both which are regarded as highly protective), so we are thinking that it blocked out everything. But who knows- it is still in the initial phases of discovery. However, it does make an excellent home charm so far  and I am quite pleased with it’s energy during road trips!

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So I am going to be writing something that may be controversial out there. My only disclaimer is, is that I respect everyone’s rights to have differing beliefs and am glad our world is as diverse as it is.

Here’s something that has been itching at me for a while about the wiccan/witch community: Many of us have do not believe in the supernatural.

When I met my first adult witch she informed me that witches do not actually fly on broom sticks. What??? I was saddened by this, however this woman taught me so much regarding spirituality, meditation and energy work that I in no way regret having met anyone else. Later on I of course learned that witches do fly on broom sticks during out of body experiences (which functions and feels exactly like flying in the physical), but a part of me still wants to be able to pick up a broom on this earth plane and fly off.

There is this theory that practicing magic in harmony with nature will result in natural consequences. For example, making a love charm and meeting the man of your dreams the next day still seems natural for it’s not like bam, he suddenly appeared in your bedroom once you did the spell. So what kind of magic can be done to result in seemingly unnatural results? Some would say forcefull, unfriendly magic, but I have a different take on it.

I believe many of us are afraid. Our minds would freak out if something supernatural were to actually occur. It’s wonderful to communicate with spirits empathically but our eyes have become clouded by our fears in order to see properly. There are so many books on witchcraft out there, but I find some of the oldest books to be the most challenging of our fears. Often it wasn’t groups of people challenging the witch during initiation, but it was the spirits themselves. The witch would go off alone to a wild place and meditate all night. Often this wild place would be a gravesight or haunted spot. The person would come out either a poet and spirit worker, a madman or never at all.

“Witch” is such a strong word. It deems a person capable of doing strong magic. Another downfall of being open to supernatural events is that many of us have been disapointed in the past. Maybe the fairy you once thought you saw never came out again. Maybe once you learned that Santa wasn’t real you stopped believing in the possibility of magic. However, if you are on this spiritual path I doubt that you have completely stopped believing in magic. However that which you have a hard time believing in will be unlikely to be percieved by you, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I remember that one of the reasons I felt off in my Christain spiritual community as a child is that my experiences did not fit into what I was supposed to believe. I had clear dream premonitions and it was looked strangely upon. I’m afraid it hasn’t changed much with the pagan community, too. Once at a pagan festival I dreamed that a racoon stole the bread in a different tent of mine in middle of the night. What do you think my family found in the morning? The plastic wrapper of our loaf of bread scattered and shredded in the woods behind our clearing.  When we fondly told people about it some looked at me in confusion or disbelief.

Remember why you wanted to be a witch in the first place? You felt the pull of mystery dancing in your blood. You wanted to feel the power of nature pounding in your veins.

Nature has very powerful forces. Asteroids colliding, tornadoes tearing, lightning flaming… powerful magic is natural, too. We just need to be aware that powerful magic will have powerful effects. Don’t forget about the mystery that first danced within you.


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This witch is tired of being pushed around.

For two weeks something horrible has ravaged my life, taken refuge in my home and invaded my family… the common cold.

No more! I’m tired of coughing and blowing my nose. I’m tired of feeling crappy and I have finally realized, this sickness is not going away. I cannot wait it out any longer…

Today I have began the battle with this wretched demon in everyway I know how. Out came the candles, the oils, the witch bottles and sacred woods. I put my kitchen witchery to full force.

I began by placing halved onions in every room to clean the air. Then I cut up more for a soup. As I cut, I welcomed the cleansing tears that fell from my eyes and I sang to the onions my deepest desires. A green healing candle was lit, a relic from a Brigid’s ritual done at Imbolc, and I added the onions with 3 garlic cloves to a pot of water. A yellow plate was placed over the pot to help trap the steam and this plate became my altar. On the plate the green candle went, then cleansing and healing magickal herbs were spinkled around the little flame in the shape of a star.

Lemon balm, sea salt, rosemary and thyme

Heal my body, family and creature kind.

I used a peice of lemongrass as a wand and stirred the energy higher and higher until my will was done and then I poured the altar’s plant contents happily in the soup water. While the soup cooked, I readied a potion to cleanse our home:

Cleaning Potion of the Green Vial

Half full of vinegar a green vial holds

In it place skin of onion fold.

Lavendar and sea salt add to the mix

Then oil of grapefruit will do the trick.

For the last, chant in it your desire

While smudging from a pinewood fire.

Then you will drip much oil of thyme

To end this healing magick rhyme.

~By Cicada

Hahaha, you like my little verse? This is a little peak of what my Book of Shadows looks like inside. 🙂

I anointed rags with the cleaning potion and wiped all of the handles, mirrors, windows, keyboards, phones, remotes and lightswitches in my home and by the time I was done with that, the soup was done!

For the rest of the day I am dedicating myself to only eating fruits and vegetables with lots of teas! I hope you all are on the upside to good health and feeling ready for the festive holiday season ahead of us!

Many Blessings

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As a hedgewitch, I work primarily with natural materials. Although I can successfully do magic without the aid of things, I like to incorporate the energies of the natural world into rituals often. This makes traveling to do ritual a bit complicated in terms of planning and packing. I like to bring so much with when I go to Sabbats or mid-forest rituals and it usually takes a while to collect everything that I want. And then I have to think in practical terms, like what am I going to feasibly want to carry out with me for miles?

I imagined a small carrying case that could be tucked into my purse and be with me wherever I go, just in case I want to do a bit of spell-working or ritual impromptu. And this is how my Bag-O-Tricks began!

I chose a sturdy purple tapestry fabric for the cover and I used dark purple felt for the interior. There are four pockets, six vial holders, two loops to hang things and one tiny candle holder sewed inside. I made it so that the bag could roll up into any size and a long Japanese silk cord could be wrapped around the whole thing and weaved around two buttons to secure it together.

Inside is what holds all of the fun… A tiny lighter, sage stick, candle, wood-burned pentacle, incense cone and a Shiva and Shakti statue to honor Goddess and God. There is also a pouch for collecting any wildcrafted items, tobacco, my counsel of stones (see below), elemental correspondences: corn for air, crystal for fire, shell for water and lightning struck pine for earth. Some of the vials hold citrine for cleansing energy and nature offerings, salt, moon-blessed water, shapeshifting oil (Otherworld Apothecary), and sacred life oil (read Courting the Lady by Patrick McCollum for more info). Believe it or not, my small rattle was made using pistachio shells! I placed small bits of glass and rock inside the shells, superglued them together and sewed it inside fabric. They actually sound pretty loud considering how small they are. The natural silk cord that wraps the bag can be easily broken off in bits to leave as spirit offerings, too.  I find that ritual is not negatively impacted due to the small size of everything.

Counsel of Stones: These are sacred stones that I like to meditate with or go to when I have a question. Each one represents a different aspect of the sacred for me, for example, I have a “Shaman” stone.

It feels good to make something for me! I had been so busy making things for TwitchyWitchy that Ganesha finally told me that I needed to get back to crafting sacred items for myself, too. Here’s a picture of matching coyote teeth necklaces I made for my husband and I:

May the light shine upon your path,


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When I was a wee one, the moon sat outside my window and listened to my prayers. Her milky light poured into my bedroom and I was comforted.

A stream ran past my shady yard and I used to find sticks to swirl in the mud under the water. The sediments would swirl to the top and I imagined this was the magic of a spell set forth. When my first wish came to pass, I became a life-long believer in magic.

My dreams would wake me in the night from vivid journeys. Characters would reappear relentlessly so much that I could write whole books on them. Sometimes I would find that a dream happened again when I was awake.

When my mother warned me of the dangers of witches on Halloween night I became intensely curious instead of afraid.

Trees were my friends. When my neighbor died,  his grown children came and chopped down his apple tree.  I, in return, confronted them in a full, blown-out rage and then ran away crying.

I never doubted what I saw or how I felt, even if it was against what others wanted me to believe. If no one wanted to take the time to understand me I felt like it was their loss, not mine.

Sunday school was  fun for me. I had an intense faith in God. Only when I became a teenager did I learn that how I perceived God clashed with what most in the church wanted me to feel.

So when I became eleven and my parents found out I had started to become interested in the occult they thought it was the worst possible decision on my part. But here is the thing, was it really a decision? If I had not delved into deeper mysteries, I would have simply been going against what came natural for me.

I went through many trials with adults on the subject of witchcraft. So many were afraid for my soul. I was forbidden to hang out with friends by their mothers. I was forced unwillingly to go to church events. As I grew older, I was threatened to be kicked out of the house on several occasions. I understand now that they were only doing what they thought was best for me or their kids.

But it all came down to this: If magic =evil. Then little me= evil. They didn’t get it (and still probably don’t) that being a witch is so truly ingrained into my blood that I could not have possibly made a different choice. I fought it for a while, sure you can bet that- it took a while to get out of my head the idea of hell and what the devil may be doing. I went through a phase of burning all my witchcraft books when I was fourteen out of guilt, only to be lulled back into the mystery of the cicada’s songs in the night a few weeks later.

Finally I realized I was happiest on the sacred, wooded path that I felt alone traveling. I was more balanced, too. No one could ever again convince me that the Goddess was really the devil in drag. She was my Great Mother who protected me when I snuck out my trailer window in the night to see the stars over the cornfields. She was the voice of the toads croaking by the pond where I first made love. I allowed magic in and I felt like my skin glowed like glittering dew and my life was eternally blessed.

I praise everyone who has continued to live their lives in harmony with their own natural rhythm of how they feel love. Love cannot be defined- it is beyond logic. Love shows itself infinitely in our world, even if it goes against the grain of what most think it should be. It is no one’s business to decide what form it takes, because true love is nonharming. Even if it is a man loving another man, a group of people sharing a household, or a witch partaking in relationship with the gods, we should accept and celebrate love in all of love’s forms! So blessed be.


images from:

Deer, hare and mother by Jessica Galbreth

“The Siren” by John William Waterhouse

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