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They may come to you… You may seek them out. 

The spirits- they are moved. Deeper you peer into what the mystery is about.

Eliciting a response your skin may shiver.

Awaiting your acknowledgement they whisper out loud.

You welcome the opened veil and take hold of the hour.

Their presence wraps you in it’s  comfort as you feel the crowd.

Spirit communication used to be strictly an exchange with non-mythological creatures for me. I used to secretly laugh inside of myself when people talked of fairies and other mythic creatures. I may have felt close to the energy of trees and felt pulled to mythological deities, but I was not sure how to address the fairy, dragon, gnome topics. The world already viewed me as silly and immature for waving a wand around, did I really need to take this one step further?

Then, luckily, I actually met other serious pagans when I became an adult and began to hear stories of the creatures they cohabited with. House sitting for one such pagan one night I woke up to a fierce silver light illuminating from what appeared to be a fairy flying near the ceiling corner. I could barely believe it. I had seen spirit apperations before but usually in a human shaped form. However, I did not take it more seriously until I went to my first Pagan Spirit Gathering. On the last day of my wonderful camping community experience, a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the Faerie Shrine. I said yes, but became a little hesitant as our journey led us into the remote woods far away from camp with this stranger by my side. But, as I was about to make up an excuse to get back, we came to an arched entryway decorated with tiny ribbons and bells. I was enchanted immediately as we entered into an area bedazzled with all things faerie! Little nature houses, shiny trinkets, colorful ribbons and bowls of honey decorated every rock and cranny. The most startling thing, though, was the energy within this area. I felt joyfully serene and a heightened sense of wonder all around me. I could physically feel the energy barrier between the worlds!

That was eight years ago and I have found that this path that I travel spiritually keeps on opening and opening to reveal more. I am so grateful for all of the spirits in all of their forms that have graced my company. For the past two years Tulie and I have welcomed dragon companionship. We started off loosely following some of DJ Conway’s books, but our relationships have really taken on other routes than what the books presents, but starting somewhere was vital. Spirit partnerships can have a profound effect on both worlds.

People who do not live in a continual state of wonder in this world are in a miserable condition..

– Catherine Crow, nineteenth century writer on the paranormal

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Heading out soon for my fourth Pagan Spirit Gathering! Every summer solstice Circle Sanctuary organizes this week-long gathering open to Pagans of many paths. Hundreds of people have been attending since 1980. I’m in store for sweat lodges (all done responsibly), workshops, bonfire dancing, daily community rituals, pagan concerts, camping, morning yoga sessions, mead tasting, drumming and a humungous, ginormous candlelit labyrinth! My kids love the children activities and playing with others. As a family we attend live concerts every night. I can’t wait to drift of to sleep to the sound of drumming in the far background. I’m hoping to meet new people, too!

Every year there is a magickal gift exchange. This is a great activity for any group of people, no matter your size. Everyone brings a magickal item they do not want anymore and wraps it simply so that it does not show what the item is. Then, after placing the item within a circle, everyone goes around a few times to set the intention of getting what you need and then choose one and sees what they get! This is the second year that I’ve crafted my own gifts to give, one for me and one for my husband. I just got done making the black, maroon, blue and purple cord-wrapped wand. There is a bumpy reed within it and golden coral sticking out the top. The jingle-rattle is made with some of the pine wood I had to recently trim off of our tree to make room for a fence. I’m also going to be placing a small bag of healing land spirit food to be scattered or burned (mullein, tobacco and orange native wildflower).

The Yard

This Sunday, after working for three days, my husband and I finished putting up our fence!!! This deserves all those exclamation points because no more chasing around my toddler to keep him out of the street, no more stopped cars to google over me while I do yoga or cast circle and no more worrying about stray dogs biting my five year old. The six-foot tall fence is going to allow us to do anything we want. Sunbathe naked? Go ahead! Make love under the stars? OF COURSE! Summon spirits by a bonfire? Yes! (Okay, well this may not be new, but at least I can do it with style now). I already have a faerie shrine under a tree and an outdoor temple, but as soon as I get back from camp I’m going to be adding a walkable labyrinth and more herbs (already have lady’s mantle, thyme, lavender, lemon grass, catnip, garlic  and lemon balm growing).


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