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“The route to the Forest is one of those open secrets which whosoever would know must learn for himself; it is impossible to direct those who do not discover for themselves how to make the journey.” –In the Forest of Arden by Hamilton Wright Mabie, 1891

book peach

A Child of Nature by Hamilton Wright Mabie arrived this Beltane day. It is a first-edition 1901 book about the ecstasy of nature and spirituality. I am so excited- I am going to sit under my pink blossomed peach tree and read it among the buzzing of the bees feeding on the rich pollen and nectar around me. I visited the tree this morning while my children picked dandelions for their May Day baskets and the air was pulsating and vibrating with the busy bees chanting their melodies.

I am somewhat relieved that my group is not meeting tonight (due to schedule conflict we are not celebrating Beltane until mid May!). Instead, tonight is going to be a night of solitary serious magic, serious exploration and serious expression to my Gods. Now to decide if I am going to do all of this before or after I make wild animal love to my husband…

Happy Fire Jumping my friends!

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keeper of the fire painting“Keeper of the Fire”

I have met a new love and it is infinite with paint.

Painting has become quite a surprising pleasure for me this year. Compositions of plants, gods, magick, love and desire dance in my head. With each paint stroke, I overcome my self-doubt. With each picture accomplished, I realize my ability to manifest creation.

The White Goddess, Raven and Crone

“Raven and Crone”

If you have been wondering what I have been up to lately, this is it! Magick has become swirled paint alongside my normal busy world of family, kids, school, sabbats and songs. The top picture is going to go on a poetry book I am in the process of getting ready for my store, Twitchy Witchy. The other paintings are currently for sale there, too.

 priestess of the fields

“Red Priestess of the Fields”

Me, being the proud mamma I am, had to share my daughter’s rendition of this:

Aiyana's red priestess

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Yesterday my husband and I cut a huge hole in our ceiling in preparation for stairs leading to our future attic bedroom. New space? New cleansing! I remember when Tulie’s family did the same thing. Suddenly lots of spirit activity started to occur once the ceiling was opened up to the upper part of the house.

So, being from a Tantric framework, I blessed the whole house in a way that appealed to all of the senses. I smudged mountain sage for smell, a crystal bell for sound, sprinkled moonwater for touch, a candle for sight and food offerings to my patron deities for taste. By the way, moonwater is water that has been blessed in Full Moon light overnight.

Convenient that it is the New Moon. This is the optimal time to cleanse your home energetically (and physically) to prepare for the new cycle. Also, because there is no moonlight, energies tend to wane away, which is good for cleansing. Kali is also honored on the New Moon in traditional Tantric circles. She is the Great Mother of All who consumes what needs to be destroyed and gives birth to the new.

This is something that I occasionally do with my children, too. My toddler will ring a bell in every room and my daughter will bless the room with sage and a song. No age is too young to get kids involved in the craft as long as it is age appropriate.

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