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I’m not sure why, but the Spirit within has wanted me to stop writing on here. What happens now needs to be between my Gods and me. I have already stopped writing so much and I thought I owed it to everybody to have one more post before I go.

Spiritually, I have stepped through a door and it is dark. I’m not sure what lies ahead. I’ve never felt like this before but I must keep listening intuitively and thinking with my heart. I suppose I did not eventually feel connected to my own practice when I felt like I wanted to take pictures all the time to share on here. I suppose that my poems, once between me and the Goddess, I started to look at too much to see what I could share. Sometimes, we over-extend ourselves in trying to spread out little pieces of our souls in hopes of helping others. I want to take the ego out of my intentions, too.

What I am supposed to be doing: Singing alone and to others. Painting alone and for others. Counseling myself and for others. Feeding myself and for others. But I need to take back my writing and my magick, for the time being and be alone with it. It needs to stay in solitude. It needs to be humbled and dynamic. It needs to be my own secret. It is the womb of my own creativity and the womb is dark like the black soil that supports all new growth.

If you have ever read my blog and was in anyway inspired- I am so glad. If you have ever liked or commented- I am so appreciative. I am also thankful to my husband, who supports every journey I partake in. Talking to the outside world has been good for me. Growing up in a family of hermits I did not know how to stretch myself into opening up to the world. Writing this blog has been a wonderful adventure that has helped baby-step me into performing on stage and connecting with people from all over the world. So thank you- thank you for being a part of this experience. Maybe someday, when I’m an old woman who has already experienced what the world has to offer and the Spirits tell me I’m ready- I will be back. But for now, I welcome simplicity,  I welcome the light of true fire to warm me. Let my thoughts be my own.

Brightest Blessings, Cicada

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The Caregiver – Caring, compassionate, protective, devoted, sacrificing, nurturing, and often parental. Usually very benevolent, friendly, helping, and trusting.

The Creator – Innovative, artistic, and inventive. Often non-social, possibly a dreamer, looking for novelty and beauty and an aesthetic standard. Prefers quality over quantity and highly internally driven.

Everyman/Everywoman – The “working-class” person; persevering, ordered, wholesome. Usually candid; self-deprecating, possibly cynical, careful, a realistic.

The Explorer – Independent, free-willed, adventurous; seeking discovery and fulfillment. Often solitary, spirited, an observer of the self and environment; a wanderer and constantly on the move.

The Hero – Courageous, impetuous; a noble rescuer and crusader. May feel the need to take on difficult tasks to “prove one’s worth,” and may see themselves as a “slayer of dragons” and become an inspiration to others.

The Innocent – Pure, faithful, somewhat naïve or childlike. Usually humble and tranquil; longs for happiness and simplicity; often traditional and may be seen as “saintly” by others.

The Jester – Lives for fun and amusement; playful and mischievous. Can be irresponsible or a prankster at times, enjoys good times and diversions.

The Lover – Intimate, romantic, sensual, and passionate. Desires finding and giving love and pleasure; seductive, delightful, but can be tempestuous and capricious at times.

The Magician – A visionary or alchemist who seeks to understand how things develop and how things work. A teacher, performer, or scientist; wants to understand natural forces, transformations, and metamorphoses

The Outlaw – Rebellious, a survivor, possibly a misfit. Can be disruptive, a rule-breaker, wild, destructive; may have experienced struggle or injury in their past.

The Ruler – Holds a strong sense of power and control; the leader, boss, or judge. May be highly influential, stubborn, dominates others in roles such as administrator, arbiter, or manager.

The Sage – Values enlightenment, knowledge, truth, understanding; viewed as the expert and the counselor. Possesses wisdom and acumen, and may be a bit pretentious; scholarly, philosophical, intelligent; a mystical and prestigious guide in the world.

Reference: Faber, M. A., & Mayer, J. D. (2009). Resonance to archetypes in media: There’s some accounting for taste. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 307-322.

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