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The meadow has been calling to us for years. The white mist that settles in the ditches when the moon is full has been beckoning to us to come and play. Finally, last night, we crossed the hedge and did a ritual in this abandoned meadow.  Out through the mists the spirits we did hail…

Although I  almost always respect the concept of property, it is often difficult for my mind to grasp how a person could own and claim a living organism as their own, especially when it comes to owning a large expanse of land. Shouldn’t the coyote that sleeps every night in the tall grass lay more claim over the trees by him than the human who lives miles away? Also, spiritually speaking, some areas have special high spots of energy that have been used by native peoples for healing for centuries. When one person lays claim to this area it really spoils it for every other energy worker. Let’s put it this way:  imagine how unfortunate it would be if The Grand Canyon was off limits to everyone except for one wealthy owner!

The meadow that Tulie and I crossed into last night was like this energetically speaking. The land is technically owned by someone, but they do not use the rundown house or barns on the property. Behind the structures lays about thirty acres of pristine prairie that have been calling to us while we go for back road night walks. One February Full Moon we hopped over the barbed wire fence and sat just barely over the boundary while we were protected from view of the hedge trees. But it wasn’t deep enough, we knew eventually we would need to walk out further in order to communicate with the spirits of the land.

Last night we finally went deeper. The grass was extremely tall so it made crossing a bit challenging but we eventually made it through to the meadow’s edge where it meets an edge of a cornfield. We found a deer resting spot in the grasses and brought our things out. Songs were sung and offerings of white squash and white eggplant were made to the White Goddess. Tulie brought a sprig from her hemlock tree for offering, also.

Although I thought I would meet faerie energy there, the energy was more masculine and trickster like. Although I am not sure how it is in other countries, the spirits of the land here in America that I have experienced take a while to trust the spirit worker. They know that the native people here were once torn from them and they are suspicious of our intentions. Once an offering is accepted, however, they take you under their wing and you are always welcome like family… they even go so far as teasing you from time to time like a big brother.

Opening one’s self to the spirits of the land takes guts. However, one thing is vital: to actually spend time on the land and prove yourself as worthy of relationship. Respecting the plants and animals is a good start.  Raven Grimassi once suggested in a workshop I attended to vocally introduce yourself by breathing into the sensitive side of a leaf living on the land and announcing that you are a spirit worker. Doing positive magic on the land is also a plus. Once the spirits become comfortable they will begin to show themselves through feelings, sounds,  wind, other animals and spirit forms. I find that the land spirits can become a bit protective of you, also. There have been many times where the land has warned me of upcoming dangers lurking in the woods or even of people approaching.

I forgot to bring tobacco for the land last night but luckily I did bring white sage, which they happily accepted. Dancing among the corn also felt wonderful. The cornfields around here need extra healing energy due to the high amount of unnatural circumstances they are put under and I have always felt pulled to the corn in magic.
Here is a picture of the meadow in the daytime:

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They may come to you… You may seek them out. 

The spirits- they are moved. Deeper you peer into what the mystery is about.

Eliciting a response your skin may shiver.

Awaiting your acknowledgement they whisper out loud.

You welcome the opened veil and take hold of the hour.

Their presence wraps you in it’s  comfort as you feel the crowd.

Spirit communication used to be strictly an exchange with non-mythological creatures for me. I used to secretly laugh inside of myself when people talked of fairies and other mythic creatures. I may have felt close to the energy of trees and felt pulled to mythological deities, but I was not sure how to address the fairy, dragon, gnome topics. The world already viewed me as silly and immature for waving a wand around, did I really need to take this one step further?

Then, luckily, I actually met other serious pagans when I became an adult and began to hear stories of the creatures they cohabited with. House sitting for one such pagan one night I woke up to a fierce silver light illuminating from what appeared to be a fairy flying near the ceiling corner. I could barely believe it. I had seen spirit apperations before but usually in a human shaped form. However, I did not take it more seriously until I went to my first Pagan Spirit Gathering. On the last day of my wonderful camping community experience, a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the Faerie Shrine. I said yes, but became a little hesitant as our journey led us into the remote woods far away from camp with this stranger by my side. But, as I was about to make up an excuse to get back, we came to an arched entryway decorated with tiny ribbons and bells. I was enchanted immediately as we entered into an area bedazzled with all things faerie! Little nature houses, shiny trinkets, colorful ribbons and bowls of honey decorated every rock and cranny. The most startling thing, though, was the energy within this area. I felt joyfully serene and a heightened sense of wonder all around me. I could physically feel the energy barrier between the worlds!

That was eight years ago and I have found that this path that I travel spiritually keeps on opening and opening to reveal more. I am so grateful for all of the spirits in all of their forms that have graced my company. For the past two years Tulie and I have welcomed dragon companionship. We started off loosely following some of DJ Conway’s books, but our relationships have really taken on other routes than what the books presents, but starting somewhere was vital. Spirit partnerships can have a profound effect on both worlds.

People who do not live in a continual state of wonder in this world are in a miserable condition..

– Catherine Crow, nineteenth century writer on the paranormal

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